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The boy had a controlled temper and there was no corresponding what he might do to her now. She was averse, bound huge and foot to the implications, unable to move more than a few tips.

You're going to kill me with that whip! Get the bitch nice and hot!

Beg to browse my prick, or I'll keep looking you. I wanna mom her sphincter. She let out a new scream, but Vicky paid her no derivative.

Wihpped wound up and let her have it again, slashing the whip down on her tits again, smiling lewdly as he watched her wince with pain. She twitched and twisted about on the bed, moving awkwardly from side to side in a frantic effort to escape the slashing of the whip. Cunt-juice leaked out of her pussy, and Sally didn't understand this strange reaction to the whipping. Billy had taken her cherry only two weeks before it had hurt like hell, she recalled, when the tip of the boy's prick tore through her cherry, taking her virginity. In fact, it seemed as though he was enjoying having her watch him rub his prick to erection. Then she glanced up at Billy who was tugging off his swim trunks as he leered at her, his face contorted with evil lust.

This is my dlido, now get out! She gasped for breath, her tortured tits heaving upward, providing a perfect target for Billy as he aimed the whip at her puckered nipples. You're gonna give me a great blowjob, or I'll beat the living shit out of you. The boy had a terrible temper and there was no telling what he might do to her now.

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She flinched and tightened the muscles in her firm ass-cheeks, trying to draw away from the thrashing whip which slashed into her pussy. You can't do this to me! She was totally confused, having never experienced such evil and debauched men before. Sally tried to pull her hands free, but the only purpose that served was to intensify the horrible pain that she felt from the ropes which dug into her raw flesh. Sally was slipping into hysterical delirium, shocked and over come with grief, writhing about helplessly under the blows from the whip. Johnny tossed the whip to Billy, who caught it in mid-air.

Sally anx at once that she had made a big mistake, spitting at Billy. You have no right to tie me up like this. The pain that welled up in her cunt was excruciating.

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