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Cecilia excuses herself and siicides out her second-floor bedroom window, dying when she spoileer herself on an iron fence. In the wake of her act, the Lisbon parents begin to watch over their daughters even more closely, further isolating the family from the community and heightening the air of mystery about the Lisbon family and what they are really about. At the beginning of the new school year in the fall, Lux forms a secret relationship with Trip Fontaine Josh Hartnettthe school heartthrob. Trip comes over one night to the Lisbon residence to watch television and persuades Mr. Lisbon to allow him to take Lux to the Homecoming Dance by promising to provide dates for the other sisters, to go as a group.

Lisbon agrees as well as volunteers to be one of the chaperones. Lux falls asleep, and Trip abandons her immediately. Lux wakes up alone and has to take a taxi home. Having broken curfew, Lux and her sisters are punished by a furious Mrs. Lisbon by being taken out of school and sequestered in their house.

Unable to leave suiciees house, the sisters contact the boys across the street by using light spooiler and sharing songs over the phone as a means of sharing their feelings. During this time, Lux begins to have anonymous sexual encounters on the roof of wuicides house late at night; the boys watch from across the street. Mary could be protesting her role as a woman in a strict and conservative home and that her choosing to use the oven as the cause of her death is her way of protesting her role as a woman in society. This theory might be exaggerating the reasoning somewhat, but, it's still a thought. Mary fails at her suicide attempt in the novel.

She ends up killing herself a month later with sleeping pills like her sister, Therese.

Virgin suicides spoiler The

Lux - She chose carbon monoxide poisoning by leaving the family station wagon running in Thhe garage. It's important to note that Lux died with a cigarette in her hand. This manner of suicide symbolizes her rebellious nature. She chose a painful and clean way to die, but chooses a manner which would let her rebellious nature be seen by all with keeping a cigarette in her hand.

spoileer There is not a clear explanation as to why the girls chose these methods of suicide. There are some hints throughout the novel as to why: Their mother was constantly segregating them from the world, but putting them together in the same room when they were being punished. Perhaps the girls wanted to make their own statements as individuals with vrigin suicides. When school begins in the fall, Lux begins a secret romance with local heartthrob Trip Fontaine. Trip negotiates with the overprotective Mr. Lisbon to take Lux to a homecoming dance, on the condition that he finds dates for the other three sisters. After winning homecoming king and queen, Trip persuades Lux to ditch the group to have sex on the school's football field.

Afterwards, Trip abandons Lux, she falls asleep and misses her curfew. Lisbon withdraws the girls from school and keeps them home. Lisbon also takes a leave of absence from his teaching job, so that the family can be together all the time. Through the winter, Lux is seen having sex on the roof of the Lisbon residence with unknown men at night.

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The community watches as the Lisbons' lives deteriorate, but no one intervenes. After months of confinement, the sisters reach out to the boys across the street by using light signals and sending anonymous notes. The spoilrr decide to call the Lisbon girls and communicate by playing records over the telephone for the girls to share and express their feelings. Finally, the girls send a message to the boys to come over at midnight, leading the boys to believe they will help the girls escape. They meet Lux, who is alone. She invites them inside and tells them to wait for her sisters while she goes to start the car.

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