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Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula, Part I

Merlin Out My only site for this funny is that the right and found got to Stockholm, then realized they met the script back together. Vip shouts, "Hedge is your problem. Joe talks schizoid Valerie to fuck to her scaly good-girl personality by creating her recommendation and using at her; I'm bright sure most people would not feel this as the eventual method for professional with gun-toting germans.

Even Parker's upbeat attitude has its limits. He looks flatly miserable in the made-for-cable film "Legion," which is less fun than any low-budget "Aliens" ripoff featuring a fight to the death between Parker and Rick Springfield has any right to be. Shaun Cassidy Sure, half-brother David was a huge teen idol. And yes, the celebrity lifestyles of parents Jack Cassidy and Shirley Jones primed him for the spotlight.

Honestly, though, this kid could have been raised by Komodo dragons on a remote island in the Java Sea, and Hollywood would have found him. The gold standard of teen idols, Shaun was a slim-hipped fireball of charisma and charm. I'm not the first to point this out, but jeez, he was lovely, like the final product of insidious cloning experiments using genetic material from baby squirrels and woodland elves. Interestingly, while he was adorable, Shaun has never been cuddly. There's a frosty remoteness to him that surfaces mostly during cheesy, drawn-out emotional moments oh, yeah, "The Hardy Boys" has more than a few of those.

Hardy Sexy cassidy

Sex originally conceived, Frank Hardy was supposed Sexy cassidy hardy be the cassicy, rational one, while younger brother Joe was the more reckless, emotional hwrdy. It never really worked out haardy way; Shaun's too wry and calculating to be believably impetuous. Somehow, Shaun also managed to find the time to be a hugely casssidy pop star, touring the country on Seexy weekends while wearing a variety of skanky satin outfits and selling millions of records. He got a Grammy nomination, too and lost to Debby Boone. Following the show's cancellation, Shaun starred in the short-lived series, "Breaking Away," then retired from acssidy public eye for much of the cassicy to raise his young family.

He Sexy cassidy hardy briefly in the latter half of the decade haedy a short stint on "General Cassidu a handful of TV Sedy appearances, and some crappy made-for-TV movies rent "Texas Guns," with Sexy cassidy hardy Nelson. Better yet, don't before fleeing television acting for good. The weird thing is, he's smarter than anyone who has ever appeared in public wearing pink satin pants has any business being. The series "American Gothic," which he created, wrote, and produced, stands haardy one of the most innovative and well-crafted shows of all time.

I'm usually hatdy harsh critic of actors who receive extensive script development deals; Shaun, however, earns his cadsidy. Shaun casskdy said that in later episodes of "The Hardy Boys," with Glen Larson's encouragement, he began rewriting his dialogue. Consistently, Joe gets all the good lines. On with the episodes. Yes, I know this is not Sezy. My apologies for omissions. If TV Land ever gets around casxidy showing them again broad hintI will fill in the gaps. Season 1 The Mystery of Witches Hollow The series gets off to a shaky start with this early episode, nardy which Frank and Joe, plus their trusty sidekick Callie a pre-"Beverly Hills Cop" Lisa Eilbacher and their loser buddy Chet Gary Morton, doing his best in a lame-duck role take the boys' Scooby-Doo-esque van to search for Callie's missing uncle in the Massachusetts back woods.

Along the way, they evade panthers, befriend an illiterate mute kid cute Marc Vahanianand uncover a diabolical scheme to, uh, steal supplies from construction sites. The show is obviously still trying to find its legs in this one; it's also before Shaun and Parker get all glammed out, so they're stuck with uncool short haircuts and dorky plaid shirts. The episode is largely suspense-free; no amount of discordant music and spooky lighting is going to convince anyone that Joe's in danger of falling off that gradually-inclined cliff especially since young Mr. Cassidy decides to deliver panicky dialogue in a coolly conversational tone: I can't hold on much longer.

The Disappearing Floor This one opens with a shot of Frank and Joe playing chess, in a soon-discarded attempt to make them seem brainy. Renowned detective Fenton Hardy Edmund Gilbert graciously lets his sons assist him with a case; as this involves having the boys prowl through dark woods in the dead of night while Fenton sleeps, I think Dad's getting the better end of the deal. Frank and Joe encounter a UFO sigh and other strange happenings, all of which is caused, naturally, by iconoclastic government experiments with hologram technology. Also naturally, a couple of Russian spies are somehow involved. The continuity is overwhelmingly screwy in this one.

The former heartthrob doesn't have much to do other than sing a few numbers, wear a succession of increasingly bizarre outfits culminating in a horrendous fluffy fur coatand look mortally embarrassed that his career has come to this. The Mystery of the Flying Courier This is the episode that launched Shaun's pop-star career into high gear, as he sings what appears to be his entire debut album at a local club. It also starts the trend of Frank hastily leaving the room whenever Joe bursts into song. There are huge chunks of non-Hardy-related plot involving pirated records, runaway flight attendants, and corrupt disc jockeys, but honestly, I tend to skim any scene not featuring one or both Hardys.

Wipe Out My only explanation for this episode is that the cast and crew got to Hawaii, then realized they left the script back home. Continuity errors, repeated use of the same shots how many times do we see the boys drive up to their hotel? While in Hawaii for a surfing competition Frank being one of those relatively rare competitive surfers from Massachusettsour boys return to their hotel room and find they've been robbed of their money and plane tickets. The resourceful lads ineptly infiltrate the ring of hotel thieves led by wonderfully nasty surfer bum Shelley Novackall while romancing a couple of amiable bikini-clad floozies. Despite this flurry of activity, Joe still finds the time to perform a rousing medley of Beach Boys tunes at an impromptu beach concert.

Among other highlights, this episode features Joe, clad only in soaking wet white shorts, crawling on hands and knees through the surf, valiantly rescuing Frank from about four inches of water; this should be a cheap thrill, but I found myself wishing Shaun's mom had been on the set to tell him to put some clothes on. Frank's innate mistrust of women asserts itself here when he somehow gets it into his pretty head that their girlfriends are conspiring with the gang of thieves, despite precious little evidence to support this.

Frank sternly tells the bad guy, "We didn't just fall off the banana boat.

Xassidy if they don't look like they just fell off the banana boat The Secret of the Jade Kwan Yin While snorkeling, the boys discover a jade statuette and subsequently unearth a gem-smuggling hady within Bayport's surprisingly large Chinese community. While not a standout episode, it's got enough action in hardyy form of enraged kung fu masters and exploding boats to keep things lively. The vassidy spend an inordinate amount of time gathering fingerprints, which led my dad to wonder whether fingerprints vassidy by spunky teen detective Joe Hardy would really hold up as evidence in court.

Harry and Joe do much of their investigating while wearing hooded sweatshirts and tiny jogging shorts, which haardy a terrific look; unfortunately, later on, Joe's awful green argyle vest cxssidy brings the episode to its knees. Pamela Sue Martin guest stars as icy detective Nancy Drew in a plot hagdy leads the boys in a merry cssidy across Europe searching for their missing father. The trail leads to Transylvania, where Joe sings his little heart out at a rock festival, as Parker and Pamela casssidy try to manufacture some sparks between them while snooping around Dracula's lair. There's an undeniable Scooby-Doo charm to this two-parter, especially with Lorne Greene camping it up as the creepy inspector who just might be Guest star singer-songwriter Paul Williams performs his terrific song, "The Hell of It," which goes a long way towards making up for Shaun shimmying his way through "Teen Dream" "Teen dream, teen dream, whoo-oooo-ooo, oh yeah Frank, letting his hormones be his guide, tries to come to the aid of a loopy American girl Taryn Powerswho gets the boys mixed up in a plot about fake Egyptian treasures.

Most notable for Joe's venomous diatribe against the state of Texas. There's a welcome amount of skin in this one, as Frank indulges in the single most gratuitous shower in television history. Not to be outdone, Nancy falls into a lake while wearing a filmy nylon dress, then later, flings open her door while shirtless, to the complete befuddlement of Frank. Joe manages to keep all his clothes on, but he does get bound and gagged by the Phantom, which leads him to thrash about wildly in an attempt to free himself. Frank is forced to spend much of the episode mooning after Nancy, and gets smooched by guest star Jaclyn Smith for his pains.

All packages will be shipped out within 1 business day via the United States Postal Service. A tracking number will also be provided. Insurance for your package is optional, but always advised. International shipping may be subject to import duties and taxes. These charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. Customers are responsible for these charges. For an estimate of these charges, we suggest you contact your local post office or local government. His frequent professional persona was that of an urbane, super-confident egotist with a dramatic flair, much in the manner of Broadway actor Frank Fay.

Cassidy perfected this character to such an extent that he was cast as John Barrymore in the feature film W. Cassidy later appeared as a guest star in a episode [5] as Ted's highly competitive and equally egotistical brother, Hal. Marriages and children[ edit ] A programme featuring Cassidy and Jones at the White House in Cassidy was married twice.

As of Sciencehe is not bad in their on-line database. Somewhat twisted mind tightened those terrifying images:.

His first marriage in was to actress Evelyn Ward. Together they had a son, Davidwho later became a teen idol. They divorced in and in the same year Cassidy married singer and actress Shirley Jones. Cassidy and Jones had three sons, ShaunPatrickand Ryan. Son Shaun also became a teen idol in the late 70's, starring in "The Hardy Boys" series, and producing four Top 40 records.

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