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Ebichu likes camembert cheese and rum raisin ice cream. Smokes, drinks, longs to be married, and constantly beats Ebichu. Worthless man Voiced by: He is lazy, immature, and he likes pachinko. Is constantly cheating on her, but is easily forgiven. He gets easily turned on and off. Ebichu has often discovered him carrying on with other women. She is often appears surrounded by flowers. Ebichu always comments on this while the others try to ignore it. There has long been an argument regarding the validity of animation as a medium for adults. It's easy for many to dismiss animated film as being automatically for kids or, worse, for teenagers.

But for myself and others, animation is just another way of telling a story or getting a message across to an audience. This is why I referred to Satoshi Kon as a "director" in the opening paragraph: What's more, they are definitely not for kids. These days, rather than give unbelievers in the power and potential of animated features the short thrift they clearly deserve, I'll point them in the direction of Kon's slim catalogue.

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Like many, I first encountered Kon's work upon the release of his directorial debut, Perfect Blue. The early 90s Adulf seen a glut of anime releases over here following the success of Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira. I managed to catch most of them on video, enjoying a crash course in a culture and artform offering much that was novel to the western viewer. But precious few were anywhere near Akira's level of achievement, and plenty were simply hideous, so my interest waned.

When Perfect Blue came along, I wasn't in any hurry to sit through another hard-to-follow story of ultra-violence and tentacle rape. Concerning a J-pop sensation trying to go solo, it anme designed to Adupt audiences away. But the reviews and rumours kept referencing Hitchcock, Lynch and Scorsese. This was clearly not a run-of-the-mill production. Based on a novel, Perfect Blue was allegedly intended as a live-action feature, but with money hard to raise it was downgraded to direct-to-video, then direct-to-video-animation. Summer Produced by White Fox We watch mature anime for a number of reasons, one of which is to expose ourselves to more violent and edgier stuff.

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Thank goodness, Akame ga Kill! He goes by the Adlut - Golgo 13 - the mysterious agent who specializes Adklt contract assassinations. More importantly, Adilt always accomplishes his goal with his trusty customized M rifle. The Golgo 13 TV series from boasts smoother animation to the still brilliant, albeit dated-looking Golgo Spring Produced by Gonzo Kaster Grapher brings forth some uniquely cool ideas, which should intrigue any fan of mature anime. However, his skills reach a whole new level after receiving a kiss from Kagura Tennouzu.

Fall Produced by Madhouse Are you in the mood for something a bit more substantial, and intellectually stimulating? Then you might want to look into the Aoi Bungaku series, which consists of six tales based on Japanese literary masterpieces. These six stories transport us to different universes and eras. We witness a caustic world of a depressed and drug-addicted youth, to a modern re-telling of a Greek tale and even the depths of Hell realms. Definitely a series that will keep you pondering long after the credits have rolled! Nov 17, Produced by Production I. G Jin-Roh received a lot of hype when it was released.

And some of that hype is certainly warranted considering the pedigree of the annime production staff. So yeah, Jin-Roh is a class act through and through. The richly detailed backgrounds and fluidly animated characters will keep your eyes glued to the screen. The lead protagonist, Taichi Keaton is a jack of all trades who adopts a variety of roles throughout the series. He's sure to have quite an interesting CV.

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