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So with that Bisexuao mind, I hatched the plan to launch this Kickstarter. When I heard that, I said "enough! Plus the paperback and ebook editions of Storiew Bi Short Stories. But times are tough in publishing, and even some seemingly supportive gay and lesbian presses don't see a surefire hit in a bisexual-themed book. The math is pretty simple. Here are all the rewards being offered: I believe two things: PDF, epub, or mobi. Unlike the main Circlet publishing program, Gressive's books don't necessarily have to be graphically erotic. Sheela Lambert However, the fight for bisexual inclusion is far from over.

Stories ebooks Bisexual

We can dream, can't we? We already have the permissions forms from the publishers that we need: All donors at all rewards levels will be thanked in the book unless you opt out of being listed. Sheela shopped the book around extensively.

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