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Digital Literacy Framework - Grades 9-12

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Responsible Information Gathering Using Search Engines Use the search engines Google, Google Books, and Sweet Search to foster critical thinking about the origin, credibility, and usefulness of sources. Have students get into groups and search a given topic, using one of the provided search engines. Have each group share its findings and discuss the process of their research. Understanding the Concept of Format in Information Creation Use databases, Google, and social media sites to help students understand the role of format in information acquisition.

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Give an overview to students about the ways people create, produce, and distribute information. Have students get into groups to analyze a specific piece of information found in a newspaper story, tweet, opinion editorial, or database article. In groups, have students analyze two digital resources, one of which is false, to determine their validity. Provide students with the following questions to facilitate their discussion: What are the possible motives for creating this digital document? Teachers can use this as part of a final class project.

They then use the interactive tool Impact! How to Make a Difference When You Witness Infomation Online to help them Intormation how to navigate scenarios relating to being a witness to bullying, and share their experiences to help them understand how important it is to think carefully before you act. Introduction to Online Civic Engagement Students are introduced to civic education through a series of activities which will ask them to work together to engage with their larger communities through curiosity, conversation and creation. Making Media for Democratic Citizenship In this lesson students create a video podcast to present balanced, unbiased perspectives on global development issues.

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They voice their perspectives through the language, codes and conventions of a visual medium. Making Your Voice Heard: A Media Toolkit for Youth This toolkit is designed to help young people understand how the news industry works, why youth stereotyping happens and how they can access media to get positive youth voices and stories heard. A digital literacy tutorial for secondary students licensed resource This tutorial aims to teach students essential digital literacy skills through simulating their favourite online experiences. The tutorial is divided into four chapters, each of which focuses on a particular aspect of digital literacy: Online Cultures and Values In this lesson, students are introduced to basic concepts of anthropology and ethnography and explore how they apply to online communities.

Online Gambling and Youth In this lesson, students look at the ways in which online gambling draws in youth and increases the risk that they will become problem gamblers. Online Marketing to Kids: Protecting Your Privacy This two lesson unit on online marketing explores the various ways companies use the Internet to target young people.

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