Vitamin e to treat vaginal dryness

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Natural Lubricants for Better Sex and Dryness

The lactobacilli carpet the pH and self hydrogen peroxide, which ever kills iterative bacteria. The medicated mucosa becomes more likely and can result with weird contact.

In addition to this, vitamin E helps dryyness tissue repair and combats Viamin radicals which can contribute to infection, disease and inflammation. When selecting a product look for a natural vitamin E without any other additives and apply as often as needed. You will sometimes find Vitain ingredient in some of the oil-based natural lubricants which are now widely available on the Australian market. As with coconut oil, vitamin E is an oil and is therefore unsuitable for use with condoms. Other recommendations Apart from trying a personal lubricant there are some other things you can try to combat vaginal dryness and irritation. Avoid condoms that contain nonoyxnol-9, or N They have a chemical that can cause vaginal dryness.

Douching and other irritants Consider your vagina to be like a pyrolytic oven—it self cleans and requires little maintenance. Using certain soaps, lotions, perfumes and douching can all disrupt the natural balance in your vagina which contributes to excessive dryness. When bathing, use a small amount of very mild soap and apply one of the suggested personal lubricants if necessary. Infection If you experience abnormal discharge, itching, irritation and redness you should discuss these symptoms with your doctor. Healthy vaginal tissue will not tear unless is is treated inappropriately, for example sex with no foreplay or lube i. This is because it has evolved to stretch. The following image from this review paper is a visual nice summary: The vaginal mucosa lining has a protective layer of mucous and lactobacilli good bacteria.

The lactobacilli lower the pH and produce hydrogen peroxide, which actually kills harmful bacteria.

The effect of vitamin E on this bacteria or the mucus is unknown. See all those Vitamjn rectangles and squares? Those are the cells of the vagina mucosa see the picture below for what they really look like under a microscopelayers of specialized skin cells that line the vagina and the layer directly underneath the mucus. They reported a considerable increase in VMV. Moreover, the clinical examination of genitalia showed an improvement in each visit, compared to the pre-intervention visits.

As the results indicated, vitamin E and placebo could both reduce the frequency and severity of hot flashes in menopausal women. However, no significant difference was detected between the groups in terms of the percentage of parabasal or superficial cells before and after the experiment. Moreover, some studies have investigated the effect of vitamin E in animal studies. Considering the significant complications of hormone replacement therapy and vaginal estrogens, there is a growing tendency among women to experience alternative medicine for safe treatment.

Considering the high incidence of vaginal atrophy in postmenopausal women, this study was conducted to compare the therapeutic effects of vitamin E suppositories and conjugated estrogen vaginal cream on vaginal atrophy in postmenopausal women. The sample size was calculated based on the comparison of mean values between the independent groups error rate of 0. Finally, 30 participants were enrolled in each group through simple random sampling. The inclusion criteria were as follows: On the other hand, the exclusion criteria were as follows: Women with the symptoms of vaginal atrophy, who met the inclusion criteria, were introduced to the study.

After clinical examinations of the vagina and cervix, the subjects were selected in case no symptoms of infection, wounds, abnormal injury, or discharge were detected. Data were collected by using questionnaires.

Dryness treat e Vitamin to vaginal

The demographic questionnaire and the clinical evaluation form were completed for recording information on VMV and the percentage of superficial, intermediate, and basal cells. The researcher was trained to attain the required skills; the training continued until obtaining a gynecologist's approval. Treah validity of the clinical trfat form dryneas approved by the assessors, Viamin scholars and experts. To determine the reliability of the laboratory staff, two samples with different labels were obtained from five patients and sent to the laboratory before the intervention.

A sample of vaginal discharge was obtained from all eligible subjects by resecting one-third of the upper lateral vaginal wall using a plastic spatula to determine VMV. If the subjects did not have a normal Pap smear over the past 3 years, Pap smear test was performed. The slides of vaginal maturation index VMI were assessed using Papanicolaou's staining method by a pathologist; the results were studied both quantitatively and qualitatively. The pathologist studied cells and determined their type i. Written informed consents were obtained from the participants and they were randomly assigned to one of the groups.

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One group received vitamin E vaginal suppositories unitswhereas treaat other group received conjugated estrogen vaginal cream 0. The treatment continued for a period of 12 weeks. The participants were recommended to use the cream or suppositories every night during the first two weeks and twice a week for the following 10 weeks. The subjects were asked not to use any other hormonal or vaginal drugs.

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