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Consider the case of Scott Miller, artistic and producing director of New Line Theatre, lohis local company dedicated to producing "issue-oriented" musical theater. Two years ago, facing an increasing deficit from some critically praised but poorly attended productions, Miller and his board decided to create an "offshoot" identity, Out of Line Productions, to produce David Dillon's Party, a comedy about six gay men who all eventually get naked.

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Thheater says the show was their most successful "by faaaaaaaaaar," running a week longer than usual and grossing about two-and-a-half times what they normally gross on a show. Not only was nuve deficit gone, the company had more income for this season. So it's no surprise that over the next four weeks Out of Line will present Head Games, a comedy "that contains adult content and full frontal nudity. Two years ago, a Los Angeles theater company dedicated to producing serious work for the gay and lesbian community was tottering toward bankruptcy when they opened a musical whose title says it all: The show is still running in LA and recently opened in New York.

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Ticket sales are, of course, brisk. Then there's Making Porn, an admittedly tacky play that has been produced to great success all over the U. Miller hasn't figured out quite what he thinks about the trend. There is something about gay men that it is a big deal to see someone naked. They got caught up in the story, and the play itself was more solid than they suspected walking in. Sure, they came for the dicks, but they left having experienced a play. I'm a part of a gay-theater discussion group on the Web, and the arguments over Party have been ferocious.

Wool Studio Theater2 Millstone Campus,jccstl. The Marcelle TheaterSamuel Shepard, A Ghost Story The storied Lemp Mansion has long served as the backdrop for ghost tours, murder mystery theater, and epic Halloween parties. Now, Big Muddy Dance Co. Edison TheatreForsyth, Henry and Edward Inspired by Dr. RubberLegz and James Gregg of L. Now on sale as part of season subscriptions. The Grandel, Grandel, Portrayed by actress Linda Kennedy, the protagonist explains how her passion for food has helped her overcome adversity all her life. Now on sale as part of season passports.

Kranzberg Arts CenterN. Portraits of Black Women in Church Hats. The Gaslight TheaterN. Executive director Gen Horiuchi reimagines the Shakespearean story of the Montagues and Capulets as a ballet in three acts. The Touhill1 University, Louis The tidy exchange could almost be a plot lifted from a comic opera: At the least, it made it for one heck of a smooth transition.

His boss louiz his first job out of college was a guy named Bill Guerri, a St. Contemporary Art Museum St. LouisWashington, Ellie Kemper The redheaded sweetheart from St. Louis County Library HeadquartersS. Her latest, The Library Book, recounts the most devastating library fire in U.

After a screening of Star Trek II: Thetaer, the legendary actress will field audience questions, just as she did on her own show years ago. Free, though registration required. The SheldonWashington. Louis and Ferguson while visiting last year.

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