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Erotic pictures Ffm

Ffm erotic pictures, she takes the dare, but before jenn says yes, and with a big grin, she looked us up and down - my heart was pounding. After some intense kissing Jennifer moves down on my wife and my wife starts playing with Jennifers hair while she is licked for the first time by another woman, her head forward and watching her. On the way over to the hotel, Karen and I lay out quick groundwork: After, I moved her so her face was in my wifes pussy, and I tooker from behind, and broke the second rule. It took no time for me to cum, she kept going as seman came out of her mouth and ran across her hands and onto the loveseat.

Two months ago, we went out on a date night, I rented a room overlooking the river for our nightcap after dinner and drinks. She got up and took Karen back to the bedroom, I quickly cleaned up and then the moaning started, I entered the room to see the girls in a sixtynine, Jenn on top. My wife smiles and takes up the dare, and Jennifer is now in between us at the bar They went at it for 10 to 15 minutes until Jenn said 'right there, don't stop, don't stop' then she started cumming.

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My wife notices a beautiful woman, in her twenties, long brown hair, and a killer body. She then got up and said 'daddys turn'. When we get to the room, I break the ice by undressing Karen, and kissing her all over, I sit her down on the couch and Jennifer sits across the way on a love seat, with her leg over the side touching herself, I invite her to take my place and I sit on the love seat to enjoy the show. She walks up and takes her place next to my wife.

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