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In the second part of the tutorial, we'll use several copies of the film strip to create our photo collage.

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Set the Radius value to 10 px. Select The Rectangle Tool To draw our film strip, we'll use Photoshop's shape tools, which allow us to draw pcture shapes that can be easily resized as strjp without any loss in quality. We need it to appear below the film strip, as licture it's acting as a placeholder for the photos we'll be adding in later, which means we need to drag the shape's layer below the film strip layer. With the Path Selection Tool selected, click inside the notch we just added. Click on the Layer Styles icon at the bottom of the Layers panel and select the Drop Shadow style from the top of the list that appears: Black is actually the default color for the Foreground, so yours may already be set to black.

Once you have the shapes along the bottom border area, release your mouse button. Choose between vector shapes leftpaths middle or pixel-based shapes right with the three icons in the Options Bar.

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When you're done, click OK in the top right corner pidture the dialog box to exit out of it. Photoshop knocks the shape areas out of the bottom of the film strip, creating our second row of notches: If you look up in the Options Bar, you'll see a row of five icons, each showing a different layout of squares. Creating the row of notches along the bottom of the film strip is simply a matter of copying the top row and dragging it down to the bottom. Vector shapes always appear on their own layers so there's no need to add a new layer first before drawing a shape:

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