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Beneath them, barnacled piles rear up from the sea, marking the boundary between the baths and open water. But, second, the six authors "plus volunteer research assistants, students and current Spit club members, hope to persuade readers to don their cossies, dive into the ocean and involve themselves with dynamic community organisations such as this one" However, there is [End Page ] much more, for sitting on gray, sun-baked wooden planking above and behind the diving Rose are nine young girls, watching, admiring. Swimming with the Spit: Originally formed with separate men's and women's clubs, the two merged in the s, the same decade in which a third section, the Diggers Club, formed by ex-servicemen some of them limbless after World War I, reluctantly acknowledged that declining membership compelled its closure.

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View freely available titles: Many are double-page spreads, and their astonishing clarity heightens the sensation of being in whichever "present" is being portrayed, whether on the timber boardwalk, starting a race, or in the water. It is a racing dive, Rose's body slightly arched parallel to the water, hands and arms outstretched, eyes focused ahead. Who can forget the gracefully curving instead of straight lane ropes, pushed and pulled by chop and current, floating algae, jellyfish, sometimes muddy water, and heavy turning boards that were a danger to the unwary?

Founded on February 8,the Spit Amateur Swimming Club, or "the Spit" as it is commonly known, has been in existence for a hundred years, providing lifetime enjoyment for many of its members. For anyone who has swum competitively in a river or sea baths, inside allegedly shark-proof enclosures, many of the descriptions of club life are evocative of that world. Here, based on an alternative thematic discussion, the editor, public historian Tanya Evans, spells out the objectives—first, to introduce baths swimming in a historical context, to appreciate its past, and to understand the foundations on which a present-day passion is built.

What is so appealing about this is that, in each instance, the writer reveals a personal association with the Spit or baths swimming more generally.

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At much the same time, the Spit's home baths, owned at the time by swimming coach Sam Herford, Taanya sold for redevelopment, svans the Balmoral Baths in Mosman welcomed the club and its members. This is a photo evincing grace, power, and concentration. Throughout the book, an eye-catching collection of color and black-and-white photographs help bring "the Spit" to life. In several ways, this superbly illustrated local history is a snapshot of Australian swimming prior to the s. In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Notes, illustrations, and index.

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