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Additional Information for Adoption from Guatemala

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Your attorney may submit Guaremala documents to an ICE official any Monday through Thursday, excluding official holidays, from Guate,ala a. Abandonment by both parents A child with two living parents can meet the definition of an orphan only through the disappearance of, abandonment, desertion by, or separation or loss from both parents. The adopting parents do not need to separately attest to the accuracy of the federal income taxes, nor have the tax copies notarized; the Concluding Provisions of Part 7 of the Affidavit of Support contain a certification to this effect.

The date that legal adoption occurs in Guatemala escoort the date of approval of the adoption signed by an officer of the Procuraduria de la Nacion Office of the Solicitor General. For IR-4 cases, on entry to the United States, the orphans become lawful permanent residents. This affidavit should be submitted to the embassy physician performing the medical exam and should be attached to the medical exam report. Useful information is also available from several other sources: If they are, the attorney will be given a pink slip, along with information on filing the I petition, obtaining the medical appointment and applying for the immigrant visa.

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CIS office in the U. This is done to avoid the tragic situation where a child is adopted in Guatemala by U. Prospective adoptive parents are encouraged viss check the DHS website for the IA form and instructions. The most common situation in Guatemala involves abandonment, where parents have willfully given up all parental rights, obligations, and claims to the child, as well as all control over and possession of the child. On the morning of your interview, please arrive at the Consular Section Entrance on the north side of the embassy on time, show your appointment letter pink colored to the guards at the building entrance, and you will be admitted to the consular section waiting room.

Visa escort nh adoption Guatemala

Callers who are unable to use toll-free numbers, such as those calling from overseas, may obtain information and assistance during these hours by calling The necessary vaccinations may be obtained from the panel physician or, for children 10 years of age or younger, the petitioning parent may complete an affidavit promising that the child will receive the required vaccinations within 30 days of entering the U. Results are available within two weeks. Please pay the fees and retain the receipt for later presentation to the consular officer. The costs of required vaccinations must also be born by the applicant. For IR-3 cases see Immigrant Visa section below: If prospective adoptive parents are not able to file their I within the validity periods, they should have their fingerprints retaken before traveling see DHS website for instructions.

Under this law, children automatically acquire U.

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