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How To Discuss Having A Threesome

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She might be down for it. Ad you have a crush on Maria? No way am I OK with that. Listen, annd is probably a big deal for your girlfriend. Bringing another person into the intimacy of your bedroom is a big deal, so ask her what kind of threesome she would like to have. It may not look like the PornHub video that you're expecting. If it did ever happen someday, how would you picture it? What would you like to happen? Is there something that she's fantasized about in this context?

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She might want to have a threesome with another woman, or maybe a man. Maybe she would be comfortable with a lesbian in the mix, while you watched. There's a wide range of threesomes that one can have, and you should be prepared to discuss whatever she wants! The golden rule is that both of you should be having fun at all times. Frame it as the two of you having sex with a stranger, not you having sex with two women.

How about I make a Tinder bio for us and say we're looking for a threesome, maybe next week? This is bad because a it's a lot of pressure and b it makes it seem like this is something you've been trying to sneakily plan on your own for a while. Be casual and chill about it: Don't rush your girlfriend. The more pressure you put on her, the more likely she is to freak out and shut the idea down immediately. Here's How To Find A Third Partner For A Threesome Indicate that it's not something that needs to happen — it's just a thought that might be fun to act upon someday, if 3some with gf and circumstances were right.

In fact, it may be more useful as fantasy fodder that gets you both turned on in the present. Treat it as a distant possibility, not as a scheduled conference call that you have to make right away. Your girlfriend's nightmare scenario is that you might ignore her during the threesome, and focus on the other girl. And what if the sex made you realize that you liked the other girl more? That would be difficult for anybody to handle: Luckily, you can forestall this by assuring her of her importance to you. If she makes comments that seem irrational or hostile to you, don't get angry. Don't brush aside or dismiss her concerns; instead, remind her that she's the priority here: I love you, I love our sex life, and I brought this up purely because it might be fun to do together some day.

But of course, only if we're on the same page. You're the most important part of it- I wouldn't want anything if you weren't involved or excited about it. With our culture is opening up to different types of love and relationships, many couples out there are probably considering opening up their beds, be it for a night or for much longer. If that sounds like you, here are some stories about what might happen after. Some are good, some are bad, but all of them could help you navigate your experience! Shattered the third party, ended our year relationship. Seemed like a great idea at the time, though. A long discussion with rules and boundaries figured out and agreed upon before hand goes a long way.

Although just like dating there will be crazies be warned. For us it was amazing. My SO and I both enjoy the experience and since we were playing together as a couple, a lot of the feelings of jealousy that might normally happen with multiple partners is diffused significantly. TL;DR it ruined my relationship.

Was dating a younger chick back in withh, when we started dating she was a virgin so after dith time she became horny as hell. She really got into filming us as well. One time she invited her friend over to my place to hang out with us. So we get pretty tipsy and she tells her friend about the idea her friend giggles and agrees. I loved it, even though I did feel slightly dirty after.

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Her friend suggested we do it again qith next day, but my gf just kept anc crying. We broke up pretty shortly after. I was not tf the relationship, but I was the third person in the threesome. It was my best friend, her husband, and me. They are now in the process of divorce. Withh several events between the three of us, they decided to open their relationship up more and date around. The end of the tale is, he fell in love with some other woman and kicked my best friend and their two kids out. I got the happily ever after, and I still feel guilty for being the beginning of the end. I would imagine if its something that is talked about and everyone has a mutual understanding it would fine but my only experience was a spontaneous threesome.

Movie night with my girlfriend and her roommate came home saw the movie and decided to join us. One thing led to another and then no one was watching the movie. It was weird between all three of us from then on.

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