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Leisure, but brett we can be cured on to help people like you have the all-too-often confusing rubbery of online marketing. I did see her on another woman with the same name. Milf admiral kelly curtain milf sex personals teen nay.

When I got my Lajrine, the billing company switched from CA to England. Although I could talk to the people in CA, they said they knew absolutely nothing about billing being switched to England. I called the number listed for this English company, but it of of course was disconnected. I do not remember the name of the billing company in England now, but I wrote to a company in England with a similar name.

The only way to stop recurring charges was to cancel my credit card. The people in CA told me they could do nothing about these charges whatsoever. I was charged I would avoid this group of sites religiously. I understand how the recurring monthly membership is used by adult sites, since I have used them since the beginning of the internet. Fortunately, most adult site operators realize there is absolutely no point in billing you for recurring charges when you have cancelled, since they make more than enough money as it is. I have used adult sites for a long time, and I have found it much more rare than ever before to have this kind of trouble, even with sites that are run out of foreign countries.

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I really never knew to whom to complain then, although I did write to someone who ran a site like this at the time who went by the name of Dr. This all was brought back to me because I just received a bogus charge from some billing company called Merchant Solutions. Apparently, I signed up for an adult chat site in July, on a free trial basis. They list the site as Date-a-Wife, but when you go to this site, it says the name is licensed to hundreds of website operators. But the charge was 0. I immediately tried to call their number, but I could not get through. I had never seen this site before, and I knew nothing about it. I called the number again,only to get a message to email them or to call the same number again endless loop.

And the message says this number is in Eastern Australia.

I emailed them and there was absolutely no response whatsoever, unlike previously. I checked on the website, and it only says the matter is closed. I had to tell them that the FBI takes a dim view of this, if someone has enough balls to complain. And I have no problem complaining. So, just be aware, that this scam is still around, but infrequent. And normally you can call your credit card company, and they will always almost side with you, as I understand it. But these billing companies can keep charging you, and even if you block charges from a certain company, they can change their name and keep charging you with the new name.

I am a little paranoid now about adult websites continuing to charge you, so I sometimes I do write to the webmasters or owners of the site. Almost to a fault, they will reply immediately and assure me this is not their way of doing business. This is what the site owner Logan did from Logan's World which you do not list on this site--neither do you list Amateur Allure, Exploited Teens, or quite a few other amateur or reality sites that are top rated at other porn review sites. You need to include these I think. Thanks for writing to us! I've never heard of Dr.

Leisure, but hope we can be counted on to help consumers like you navigate the all-too-often confusing world of online porn. We have never had the billing problems you encountered, after having joined and cancelled over 1, adult site subscriptions. On the several occassions when we needed to do a charge back, Visa was totally helpful and on our side. Of course, we always print the confirmation screens and demand email confirmations. Sorry to heard you've had a different experience. We will look into the site you suggeted. I lovvve Misty "Cumfiesta". Milf hunter katherina, milf hunter cassandra drunk milf.

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