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Best Thmb, save in multiple places, and with a cloud service. Just my 2 svd. Quest The Wordsmith So if one drive goes, I swap it out and the other drive rebuilds it. I'm really diggin this right now. This sounds like a great option. Dying Machines This guy was in the movie business, and he claimed that the movie industry writes out their digital info on acid-free paper and stores it in specially climated vaults for long-term storage, since no-one knows or dare wager on how long digital media formats live degrades or becomes obsolete and unreadable. From paper you can always restore the 1's and 0's. A film some terabytes long would probably need some dozen shelf-meters or more, but if the space is available I guess it's the most long term storage available.

A pack of blank DVD's would last your entire life. He was pulling your leg. There is no way anyone would do that.

Can you imagine having to scan this document back into the digital realm and how error-prone it would be? I guess just about as error-prone as having it on micro-film http: Paper of good quality in specially climated vaults is rather well-known by now. Maybe they use this http: That's 3 different locations for back up. I really think in the cloud back up will be the future so I wouldn't stress it too much.

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More space for less and you can easily swap out HD. Plus taken care of they will last a long time. I bought some smoke detectors, what me worry? Solid state drivse are awesome, but for back up not so much.

The DVD-RAM format is the best for data storage, but Thuumb all drives are designed to write them I always make Thumb dvd any drive I buy has this capability and the extra cost is tiny. The story is cute and quirky with energetic song and dance numbers by Tamblyn. The plot may not impress the refined movie buff, but it is undeniably entertaining and fun to watch. Jul 10, Tom Thumb more than a movie Tom Thumb the movie teaches us about doing our best to overcome all obstacles no matter how large. It is a story about unconditional love between parents and their child. As a child watching this movie with my parents, Tom Thumb, touched my heart and soul in a deep way.

Dvd Thumb

It opens a Thub of happy memories for me. I could not believe my eyes when I looked and saw this Thunb on E Bay. I am very thankful to the good Lord for allowing me to find this wonderful movie on E Bay. Sep 08, Tom Thumb Excellent film for children and the young at heart. The acrobatics are wonderful. My particular favourite scene is "The Yawning Man", not only makes me smile but can't stop yawning!!!

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