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‘Help, I’m afraid my disgusting adult baby husband may choose his diapers over me!’

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It will help you understand that you are the parent of an adult baby and how you apply Husbajds parenting skills as if your partner were a minor child. Which means that dependent on your adult baby regressives age. Will determine what the age appropriate activities will be. The tricky part for me is the sex part. So for some that may not be an issue. But for others this may be a serious trigger to overcome for differing reasons. It is a serious trigger for me for differing reasons. I am doing my best to overcome the trigger. At this point in time Roy and I do not mix sex with Adult Baby regressive time. I can however push my comfort zone if he is wearing big boy or dirty girl pants, which are pull ups.

More my kind of idea of having fun exploring sexual boundaries. Another lifestyle I have to learn about, because yes Roy wants to add that as part of our sexual lifestyle. Here I thought a little bit of role play would suffice. It fills the need for him to be able to pee in them when he is out doing chores and bzby. But adulh is not considered adult baby time for either Husbanss us. If Roy were diagnosed as an adult with incontinence problems. Than I would have to be supportive but still will not want to change his poopy diapers if he were physically able Husbands a adult baby do so himself. However if he starts to play with my nipples or pussy while wearing them.

Than I have to get over the fact that he has them on while doing so not to make him feel like less of a man otherwise. Maybe this way of thinking may help you deal with how and where to start. Just know and expect that each of you in a committed relationship will need time to process adding an adult baby lifestyle to your lives. It is as serious as wanting to add a new member to your family. It is okay to feel uncomfortable even to the point of loathing. But realize that emotions change with time and what you thought you could never do.

What if one of those things were the last thing to do for your ticket to be set for the rest of your life, knowing it was your biggest fear to over come. What would you do to start to deal with accomplishing that goal. If you feel that your with your life partner. Than follow through with the commitment as long as you are in no real life threatening danger of doing so. At the moment Roy and I are working on dealing with posting him in his diapers.

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As for him finding someone more into diapers. It is also very heavily male. It would be nearly impossible to find a partner already in it. So he found someone he liked, someone with whom he shared other interests, and shared his interest. I was open to it at first and he thought he had hit the jackpot. Is there one of these that fits more with your personal notion of depth that you are yearning for? I am not familiar with those terms. I don't think they are used in Intimacy and Desire.

Are they in Adilt Marriage? I just started reading that. I can give you a more exact answer to this after I know what jargon Husbanfs are using. Your differentiation might involve not backing down so easily, and maybe seeing the ways that your husband utilizes your limits in this area to avoid things. Your husband should be doing everything in his power to keep you happy. Cut the brat off—no more baby games until he can successfully wrap his bonnet around this: Your pleasure matters as much as his does. He may not be interested in regular sex, but he better learn to fake it convincingly. And finally, BA, tell him that his continued failure to meet your vanilla needs is gonna get his diapered ass divorced, leaving him single and shit out of luck, sex-partner wise, for the rest of his adult infancy.

But vanilla partners are not the only ones subject to KROK.

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For kinksters lucky enough aeult be with generous vanilla partners, your somewhat-less-pithy version adulh KROK goes like this: But she does NOT want to participate in anal sex. Not me doing her, but her doing me—pegging. In this one area she is inflexible. I have assured her that I would empty myself beforehand. Five months into our relationship before we got marriedhe confessed that he was an adult baby. I was so grossed out I was literally ill. Why would this great guy want to be like this? I told him he would have to choose: He says he never wants to discuss diapers with me again, and I'm afraid he might choose them over me!

Please give me advice on how to make him understand that this is not him! This is who he chooses to be! And he doesn't have to be this way! Sometimes it's a way for a person to disconnect from their adult life and become someone else. With DLs, they aren't necessarily into age play—they enjoy diapers and the way they feel, much like people enjoy rubber, Lycra, or other materials. And outing your husband to his mother was unforgivable and could ultimately prove to be a fatal-to-your-marriage violation of trust.

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