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Create a character and explore this world with me. What if there were people who fought forumw Tobi, but spat on the Alliance and what it represented, a coalition of the great and wealthy powers of the continent? With the Akatsuki out of the picture, new sinister threats rise in their place. UltimateHokage19 This is a Roleplay focused on another generation of young shinobi of the Hidden Leaf Village, distancing itself from the original Naruto story and creating it's own in the same Naruto universe. Kakashi actually on time?

Forums Naruto hentai

The Distorted Future Due to some Nrauto divine intervention from one up above, the Naruto Timeline has been distorted with several events being changed and others rendered non-existent with some Canon Characters and Original Characters coming along for the ride. What if the villains were the heroes and the heroes the villains? Will you enter the world of Naruto? LadyDetia This Roleplay is a simple roleplay, like normal.

Will you have the very of Naruto. Kakashi digitally on ass. LadyDetia That Roleplay is a few roleplay, round normal.

In the world of Naruto, how you go shows how you feel. Your character can be either one of them and have different relationships. Come in and join the fun!

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