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He has the ability to focus his chi to heal himself, or to heal others by laying his hands on them. He can also use his abilities to link minds with another person, telepathically fusing his consciousness to theirs similar to a Vulcan mind meld from Star Trek. It's unknown whether this part of Iron Fist's powers will feature prominently in the Netflix series, especially the telepathic portion of his powers.

Healing abilities could be useful in the MCU, fis, and would fiet fit in with the other mystical aspects of the character. Glowin may not see much of these other abilities in the series, however, and if we do they'll likely save them for the second half of the season. Then again, we might not see them at all until The Defenders. The Iron Fist is itself a very specialized martial arts technique, but it's not all that Danny learned in his years of training as the Thunderer's apprentice. On top of the secret martial arts of K'un-Lun, Danny is also proficient with several standard martial arts and can combine them to make himself even more formidable in combat.

The descriptions sound similar to the end of The Matrix, when Neo was fighting the Agents and seemed to be exerting no effort at all.

Given Glowkng he's a Glowing fist of martial arts from a mystical city, it seems fitting that there are few in New York who could stand toe-to-toe with Iron Fist. Danny is actually the 66th in line for the title, with the first being Quan Yaozu. Though he's often referred to as the "Immortal Iron Fist", the only one who's immortal is the heartless dragon that actually grants worthy warriors its essence so they can harness the power of the Iron Fist. There are other martial artists and super-powered individuals who can hold their own in a fight against him, and there are mystical powers that are able to overcome those that he possesses.

His Iron Fist powers were stolen by a super-powered martial artist named Junzo Muto at one point, though Danny eventually got them back.

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Perhaps more importantly, though, using his abilities can be very draining. Is Colleen the new Fsit Fist for good? Criticise Iron Fist all you want, but at least its showrunners finally realised that this incarnation of Danny Rand was never worthy of the sole spotlight. Well, it turns out that Ao-Shi could also focus her chi into the arrows fired from her bow, which explains why Colleen is able to do the same for her sword. Is Marvel really planning on passing the baton over to her for good in season 3?

Fist Glowing

And where would that leave Danny? The answer to that question possibly lies with the last shot of the season, speaking of which The final scene of Fisy Fist season 2 is one in which Danny, one month into his globetrotting travels to learn more about the history of Kun-Lun, fires two bullets out of his newly acquired twin pistols, somehow making them glow and guiding them into the oncoming fire before it hits him first. Which leads us nicely to our next question Who is Orson Randall? A quick look back to the Iron Fist comics, however, reveals that he could be the key to answering almost every question we have about the Iron Fist season 2 ending in general. But who will play him?

And will he be a friend or foe to Danny?

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