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A few years ago, there was an article on the CNN website that summarized some statiion my research findings, and right next to the article was Spakn poll asking readers whether they thought spanking children is bad for them. Thursday, 10 March Human Ecology Elizabeth Gershoff studies the impact of corporal punishment and other, more severe forms of physical punishment on children. I was never in a carseat. Suicidal behavior, substance abuse and anger are among other potential long-term consequences of spanking, studies have suggested.

Spock said it was okay for parents to spank, but in subsequent editions he changed dramatically and strongly discouraged parents from spanking.

Studies published in the past two Spano have bolstered evidence that spanking can make young kids more aggressive and defiant. I think that a combination of recognizing that spanking physically and emotionally harms children, and that spanking is entirely ineffective in promoting appropriate behavior, will lead Americans to reduce and eventually stop spanking their children. There is evidence to suggest that it erodes the connection between children and their parents, making children less likely to trust their parents. So do you think the practice of spanking will end in the U. That said, it is still the case that the vast majority of children in the U.

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It might take generations, but I think spanking children will become increasingly unacceptable as a means of disciplining children and will effectively end. The academy says research since its discipline policy led to the update. She also looks more broadly at the impacts of poverty, community violence, and neighborhoods on child and youth development over time. And that was right next to the article summarizing all the research saying that it was bad. The group also suggests putting favorite toys away or reducing screen time. There are so many more books and experts out there than even a generation ago. Why do you think it is that spanking seems to have such negative effects?

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