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Alanzo and Briana's Usage Alanzo and Briana have been flying each lesgian for ten years. Conclude the thought by wondering the bar questions to trick youth resonate and personalize what they've pigtailed.

What do you think Briana and Alanzo will do?

How is Alanzo and Briana's offence like there life. Proof volunteers to other some of their contacts.

What "reasons to wait" might have the most impact on your friends and peers? For example, you might ask, "What do other people think? Briana got scared and told Alanzo to stop. Other questions may emerge as the discussion proceeds; you don't need to stay locked into these questions only.

Asking youth to take a few minutes to write lesian two or three reasons lsbian Alanzo and Briana should decide to wait for sex. Looking at the list of reasons we have developed, what are the strongest reasons for you to wait to have sex when you are in a relationship? Ask youth to look at the reasons listed and discuss how Alanzo's reasons might be different from Briana's. Continue the discussion by asking youth the following analysis and application questions.

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Reading the Alanzo and Briana story. Lesbiaan youth to express different points of view. What should Alanzo and Briana do? Asking volunteers to share some of their reasons.

Last Saturday night after a movie, things went pretty far. To maximize participation and interaction during this stage of the discussion, remember to: Ask youth to respond to comments and direct their eye contact toward each other. Use the following questions as guidelines to help the group explore why teens might postpone sexual activity. What might be the disadvantages? How might Alanzo and Briana express affection to each other without having sex?

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