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Unfortunately we cannot help everyone — our lawyers will give priority to young people who have been arrested and locked up by the police first. The Duty Solicitor helps young people held in the cells at the Adelaide Youth Court to apply for bail.

If teend are locked up at the Cavan Training Centre and have not talked to a lawyer, lgeal your worker to contact the Youth Legal Service and one of our lawyers will help you. How can a lawyer help me? We will listen leegal your situation and give you legal teenw about the best way to handle things. Our lawyers are there to advive sure you get a fair go in court. A lawyer will go into the courtroom with you and speak for Free legal advice for teens. What you tell your lawyer is confidential and you have the right to see your lawyer alone. Even though a lawyer will give you advice, it is Free legal advice for teens to you to decide what legql want to do.

If you need a lawyer to Frer you, adviice can help you apply for legal aid. Gain expertise in ,egal program rules differ for tenes. Most legal aid programs work in several core issue advicd Teens need assistance in each of these areas, but the rules are flr different for them than they are for adults. For example, TANF has rules unique to teen parents, including its schooling and living arrangement requirements. In the family law context, teens may need a guardian ad litem to file for certain requests. The rules regarding confidentiality, privacy, and access to information also differ for teens.

Legal aid providers who work directly with teens need to be able to navigate these rules. Teens need more than legal services—they need education, outreach, referrals, and social work. Some legal organizations working with teens include social workers on their staff. Alternatively, lawyers can partner with other organizations with which teens come into contact, such as Planned Parenthood or other health care providers. While confidentiality issues may arise through these partnerships, they can be worked through.

The result is a broader array of services for teens. All legal processes involve many steps, and teens need assistance throughout the entire process. This process is confusing even for adult victims; it may be insurmountable for teens without the necessary support. This is especially true for teens with multiple legal issues—such as TANF, juvenile dependency, or education issues. Teenagers do not easily trust adults. Teens in need of legal services, given their background and experiences, may be even less trusting. Legal providers may need to have several meetings with the teen before the real issues emerge, because other issues may seem more pressing for the teen than legal problems.

Legal aid providers working with teens need to establish a relationship. Legal aid lawyers need to explain confidentiality, mandatory reporting, and attorney-client privilege rules repeatedly throughout their representation of the teen. Because teens need a lot of individual attention, lawyers who work directly with teens should have smaller caseloads to accommodate the extra hours they will spend traveling with these clients, preparing for meetings and hearings, and connecting teens to other services and supports. Offering free legal training for youth service providers, eligibility workers, and compliance specialists is good for outreach and for ensuring that eligibility and benefit rules do not get misapplied to teens.

Topics may include TANF rules, dating violence, housing rights, disability and Social Security benefits, and education rights. Because teens typically are not assisted by legal aid organizations, many of the most pressing legal problems facing teens may go unnoticed and untracked. Legal aid offices can begin to fill the information gap by tracking which issues come up most often for teens.

It is important to identify legal issues that teens are dealing with and devise legal strategies that take account of the needs of teens in low-income households as well as their families. Legal aid will have more impact on…our social, economic, and political structures than anything else that the OEO Office of Economic Opportunity and perhaps even the federal government has done on the domestic scene in our lifetime. She was a Equal Justice Works Fellow at Bay Legal, working with teens on dating violence issues including court representation, education, and prevention. Angie Schwartz is a Skadden Fellow at NCYL, focusing on improving benefits programs for children and their families, with a special emphasis on adolescents.

The Hidden Epidemic, 37 Fam. Code ; CCP Marcy and Deborah L. We have made some revisions to the sidebar for the purposes of this article. Malcolm, a popular football player at her high school, had taken their daughter and would not return her until Meisha agreed to meet with him. We filed for a temporary restraining order that afternoon. That began a client relationship that illustrated for me the overwhelming obstacles that minors face in obtaining legal aid related to dating violence.

Legal advice teens Free for

Like most teens, Meisha was good at covering up what she did not want her parents, school teachers, and authority figures to know. Her mother did not even meet Malcolm until the day she gave birth. Meisha was popular in school and she did not want her friends to know her boyfriend was beating her up. Her mother often accompanied her and spoke for her. When Meisha and I strategized on the phone, we were often interrupted by her friends on call waiting. The day before the hearing, when we finally contacted her, she was ready to give the case up because the stress was overwhelming. She wanted to get back together with Malcolm, and their mutual friends and community members were pressuring her to drop the case.

The only reason we went to court was because the opposing counsel would only agree to a settlement if we stipulated to a dismissal with prejudice. Her car battery was dead and her baby needed formula. The difficulties of providing legal help for Meisha sparked an idea for a fellowship proposal. The project had the twin goals of early intervention and prevention services for teen dating violence victims. I conducted more than 60 presentations and did other outreach in the community, and also gave holistic counsel and full representation to more than 40 teen victims on family law, immigration, public benefits, and education matters as they related to the domestic violence.

The project was innovative since there was no legal organization in Alameda County that focused on the legal needs of teen victims of dating violence. Before working with Meisha, Bay Legal had no expertise with teen clients, and many questions arose. Can a minor sign a retainer agreement?

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We concluded that they can. We learned how to respond when the parents are overbearing and push their daughter to take legal action. It helped to consult with fpr organizations who traditionally serve teenagers. Ultimately, I developed a different model of lawyering for my teen clients. I took on a smaller Freee, and spent more time with my clients, offering holistic legal services. Now when teen clients like Meisha come to our office, we have a program and ofr expertise to serve Free legal advice for teens unique needs. Fewer students graduate from urban schools than suburban ones, and students of color have substantially lower graduation rates than white students.

This means that their schools receive federal Title I or state Economic Impact Aid designed to assist low-achieving students and schools. In the academic year, almost half of all students enrolled in California public schools received free or reduced-price lunch. In the academic year, about 25 percent, or nearly 1. But onlyteachers were available in the same academic year to teach this category of students. Legal Services of Northern California LSNC has developed several unique projects aimed at reducing the disparities in the education our youth receive. LSNC serves 23 northern California counties and takes a preventive approach to serving teens.

We developed several after-school programs to ensure that students have a safe and positive learning environment — while also increasing our visibility in the community — and a better understanding of the issues facing youth and their families. LSNC has partnered with many schools and community organizations. These partnerships have enabled advocates to tap into funding received by schools and to use that money to ensure that schools provide culturally appropriate services to students.

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