Body violently shakes during orgasm

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Orgasm Induced Seizures: A Rare Phenomenon

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Orgasm Body violently shakes during

Each episode lasted a few minutes. He would feel the heaviness in his orgaam and dazed feeling after regaining his consciousness. He did not report feeling any discomfort during foreplay shxkes the initial part of sex. This continued duting every act of sexual intercourse and ejaculation leading to a gradual reduction in the frequency of sexual intercourses. It led to marital strain and feeling of frustration and helplessness in the patient. These seizures were seen exclusively after sexual intercourse initially, and 3 years later he reported experiencing 5—6 episodes during which he dropped objects held in hand, was unresponsive and slumped to the ground, each lasting few seconds.

It happened at different times of the day and was not associated with the sexual interaction. His neurological examination did not reveal any significant finding.

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There was no history of any head trauma in the past. He never consumed alcohol or any other substance of abuse, and he was not shwkes any other medication other than sshakes. Interictal electroencephalograms done during earlier consultations at different places were normal. Computed tomography scan and magnetic resonance imaging T-3 testing of the brain revealed no structural abnormality. His blood examination findings were normal. At various places, he was treated with phenytoin sodium and clobazam with no change in frequency of the seizures. Three months after initiation of treatment patient reported great relief as seizures were controlled and his marital relationship improved.

Discussion Galen recognized forms of seizures provoked by a specific stimulus in the second century AD, numerous types of reflex seizures have been reported since then[ 3 ] seizures and sex are related to each other in different ways, orvasm seizures can cause vaginal sensations. Ortasm as the aura is reported in several case reports. It is also suggested that orgasmic aura has the lateralizing sign to the right hemisphere. A case series reported six out of seven cases having lateralization to right hemisphere most of these among women. The majority of the cases reported are in women again and they are usually complex partial seizures with localization in right hemisphere.

It is postulated these seizures arise from right hemisphere and this is the locus for human sexual experience. Autonomic changes during orgasm may provoke seizure from this hyper excitable epileptogenic area. I begged all forces that it would be.

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