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At the beginning, most anarchists agreed on the question of standing up against repression. In line with that, anarchists have stopped finding reasons to participate, and even large parts of the howtire Catalan left have been getting much more disillusioned and less active. You can hotwirw listen to us Interradial the anarchist podcast network Channel Zero. J20 refers to January 20, the date of massive resistance to the presidential inauguration, during which police illegally kettled, mass arrested, and brutalized over people who now face at least 8 felonies each.

While its important to be coming out and protesting these fascist groups, the real instruments of white supremacy are still the police, the prisons, ICE, and all that. It seems at this point that the Spanish government has pretty good control of the situation. Just recently in California, a man drove his car through a pro-migrant protest, hospitalizing several.

Hotwire Interracial

More than such hogwire have been assassinated in alone. The state is trying to connect those raided to charges organized crime and notwire attempted homicide. Student demonstrators set fire to an effigy, meant to represent chauvinism. Various right-wing and fascist organizations called for a demonstration against the law on October 22 in Syntagma Square in Athens. We have reports about liberatory queer and anti-transphobic actions from Washington DC to Athens, Greece; and updates on revolt and struggle from Colombia to Chile to Haiti to Brazil. They seized political literature, computers, spray cans, and even plastic bottles, which they claimed were for making Molotov cocktails—the bounciest Molotov cocktails in history!

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The company Third Energy has announced they are ready to frack the site any day now, but the nearby Kirby Misperton Protection Camp continues to put up resistance. Despite a pen of riot cops, various groups from the antiauthoritarian milieu as well as queer and feminist groups held the square for hours before the scheduled rally, effectively cancelling it. Plug into The Hotwire. Single issues are available from LeftWingBooks.

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