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For additional distortion, he very occasionally used a Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face, usually in the studio. The intent here is to create lines that are expressive and vocal-like while also evoking a bit of the Duane-like focused intensity. I begin this solo with a whole-step bend from the A root up to the second, B, followed by subtle movement down through the notes of the A Dorian mode. Most blues players move alternately between minor and major pentatonic scales based on the same root note. This small handful of notes can be ordered and phrased in nearly an infinite number of ways, resulting in many great blues licks.

Doing so will give you better pitch control and stability when bending. This understanding resulted in improvised solos that remained cohesive and conversational no matter how long they stretched allmman or how far they roamed from the original starting point. At the end of bar 4 into bar 5, I apply the overbending technique to E, the sixth, bending that note all the way up to the G root note, repeating the melodic motif into bar 6. King are two great examples of guitarists whose solos are almost always based on a combination of these two scales.

Through his studio sgnature, Duane had developed a great sense of rhythm as well as allmaj keen understanding of economy, in terms of phrasing. Throughout the remainder of the example, I limit my movement to the eighth and 10th positions to demonstrate that a great amount of melodic invention can be found without moving up and down the fretboard. Bar 5 offers a unique rhythmic superimposition that Duane used often. Try using your index and ring fingers to execute this phrase as well as your index and middle fingers and index and pinkie, or a combination of any of these.

I begin in bars 1 and 2 with a melodic idea based on G major pentatonic, but in bar 3, I morph into G minor pentatonic by overbending the second, A, up and step and a half to the fourth, C. Duane often used a soloing device that can be traced to B. When performing these bends, line up additional fingers behind the fretting finger—for example, reinforcing the ring finger with the middle finger or both the middle and index—to help it push the string.

Licks Duane allman signature

Another classic Duane-ism is illustrated in bar 7, as sitnature pull-offs on the top three strings alternate back and forth in an ascending-and-descending manner. The aim should be, as always, clarity in execution. An examination of some of the key elements of Duane's lead guitar playing.

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