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Spacious, with a remote, underground grendaa and a big, central dance floor, el Zoo is the place to go after you've hit a few other bars, but you still have a lot grenaada energy or simply haven't scored and aren't ready to head Gay grenada to the hotel just yet. While this comment is obviously somewhat tongue-in-cheek, a bisexual American visitor to Granada recently noted that there seemed to be a lack of that underlying, and at times extremely frightening, homophobia that can crop up at any point in the States. According to the International Lesbian and Gay Association ILGAthe government of Grenada is among those in the Caribbean region that support "repressive and even violent policies against the local communities of gays and lesbians" Oct.

It's easy to find everything from sunny sidewalk tables for people-watching over coffee to wild, neon hotspots for letting loose and dancing to dark corners for hooking up with a new friend using a minimum of words.

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The age of consent in Spain -- be it for hetero- or homosexual acts grnada is a somewhat shockingly low 12 years old, although the Spanish parliament is will probably grennada the age to 13, still relatively young. A Supreme Court decision from the same era upheld the arrest of two homosexuals who were reported on by a neighbor who witnessed them in a sexual act -- by spying on them through a keyhole -- and reported them to the police. The atmosphere recently has changed a bit as the bar has become more and more popular with a kind of young, preppy gay male type, but it is still a comfortable, fun place for women of all ages.

Information on the treatment of gay and lesbian individuals by the authorities and on whether there are support groups available was scarce among the sources consulted by the Research Directorate.

The social danger laws were unofficially shelved in the late s and then officially taken off the books in What follows grenaea a fairly comprehensive list of brenada options: Its clientele is largely male, and of all ages from late teens to much, much older men. The original version of this document may be found on the offical website of the IRB at http: Attire is totally up to you. Not bad for a country that until only 23 years ago was still jailing homosexuals under "social danger" and "public scandal" laws. Grenada and gay people Sep 29,9:

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