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The managers of Sugars were also cuffed for not doing anything to stop it," according to Fox San Antonio. Highway to its immediate east in the s, losing much of its traffic to the city's newly constructed major north-south expressway.

Elizabeth Nolan Brown Feb. By the late 19th century, the area was known as the "Old Main Association", a reference to the section of Main Barz that ran through its boundaries. Violence discouraged patrons from visiting, and nightlife began to taper off into its nadir in the late s and early s. Inthe "Upper Labor" acequia was constructed on the southern fringe of Tobin Hill, following the Rock Quarry Road -- the predecessor to the modern St.

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But by not doing so, gars open themselves up to police harassment over the smallest violations, such as dancers briefly lowering their thongs a little. Mary's reputation for a generation. In contrast to the tourist-oriented River Walkthe Strip is geared more towards locals. Mary's Street and other north-south corridors touched by the city's public transportation system, such as San Pedro and McCullough.

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Follow Elizabeth Nolan Brown on Baars. Mary's Street west of U. Last month, several dancers antonil another local club, The Vanity Factory, were also arrested for showing too much skin. San Antonio city code defines nudity as failure "to cover the human anus, genitals, pubic region, and the areola" and semi-nudity as "a state of dress which fails to fully opaquely cover the crevice of the human buttocks, genitals, pubic region, and the post puberty female breast areola.

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