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Two strip quilt blocks – video tutorial

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So glad I discovered it. Thank you so very much, Elaine Reply To our readers: This question is a follow-up to a question submitted about accurate piecing without paper piecing. Elaine, you are absolutely right!

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When you paper piece a quilt pattern, you must create as many patterns as there are blocks. I'd also make a couple wea extras to play with to determine how big I wanted to cut my fabric patches. I use home computer's printer to print the patterns. I have been over 3 years gathering over fabrics. Each block is small - 3"x3", 6"x6" and then the diamond strip is 3"x6".

I tried one set using paper-piecing which, of course, turned out beautifully but I would need over paper forms. Am I missing something with paper piecing? How do you make a lot of copies for paper piecing a block? I mean like s. Thanks for the great help from this website.

At storm sea quilting Strip

For each block you will need one white square with four black triangles, one white square with storj black and three dark blue triangles, and two white squares with one black, stormm dark blue and two light blue triangles. Take care to trim a little from each side rather than all from one edge. Assembling the storm at sea quilt block Storm at sea quilt block layout The four storm at sea quilt blocks are quilfing same but rotated when they are sewn together to get that circular feel from the black diamonds. The central square has the black triangle facing towards the corner that has the white square with all black triangles. The two black diamonds are either side of that corner, with the two blue diamonds on the other two edges of the square.

The remaining corner square is in the bottom right with the black triangle facing away from the central square. Sew the rows together Completed storm at sea quilt block Sew the pieces together across the rows and then sew the rows of the storm at sea quilt block together. Sorry — I seem to have taken photos showing a different rotation each time, but trust me — they are all the same block! Sew the quilt blocks together in two pairs, taking care to rotate them so that the black part of the quilt block makes a frame and then sew the pairs together to complete the storm at sea quilt top.

I shall probably make this into a wall hanging rather than a quilt, but you can find further details on layering, quilting and binding here. Cut these along one diagonal.

Make sure qilting you cut the original rectangles in pairs as they come off the fabric: Sew the triangles together Trim the corners of the rectangles Sew the white triangles to either a black or a dark blue triangle. You will need four of these pairs of rectangles for each diamond. Otherwise you will lose too much length along the rectangle.

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