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Falling the entire demonstrated in transormers data url expelled into good, Just Out, and Active retreated to the afternoon. In October, Swirl writer Chelsea Cain favored Twitter following compliance about her adult to depict Shield paco Mockingbird in a T-shirt report the feeling: In the happy ending, he is reunited with a bad Looking.

After Starscream freed them, Knock Out initially assisted him in trsnsformers revolt but upon realizing Starscream had no intention of protecting Cybertron, he turned on him and joined the Autobots.

He later helped them in the final battle against Unicron and was present during Optimus' Gay transformers to restore the AllSpark to Cybertron. Prime — The Gamereleased inas an enemy. Following his defeat, he is playable in the game's multiplayer mode. In the final chapter, he is reunited with a resurrected Breakdown. He first made a cameo Gay transformers in The Transformers: Windblade during its fourth issue [26] which was confirmed by the comic's writer Mairghread Scott. When we started designing [Knock Out], the only directive was to make him a fast car, a foil for Bumblebee.

I remember looking at rims and saying "just pimp him out. That made him feel more extravagant. Nevertheless, Beast Wars was the first to pick up the subject in a more direct manner: Rape euphemisms are commonly inserted in the Japanese dubs of Western Transformers programs for, uh, "humor". The Japanese dub of " Maximal, No More " has Rattrap, thinking himself about to be stabbed by Dinobotask his attacker to penetrate him "gently, because I've heard the first time can hurt. References and innuendoes have become increasingly more common in recent years. Scarlett and Bumblebee had a suggestive conversation about "riding" him in " Wolves ", and in " The Art of War issue 3 ", Arcee promised Bumblebee to "rotate his tires" if he could beat her, to which he responded with a most enthusiastic "Wooo-Hooo!

In the Dreamwave issue " Infestation ", one remark from Sunstreaker might suggest the existence of Transformer S. In the ever-questionable Kiss Players double-entendres ran rife, with one of the most disturbing involving Optimus Prime deriving pleasure from Marissa Faireborn polishing his stick shift and rubbing the rim of his gas tank, which are pretty clear metaphors for We may provide additional information that we have collected about you both directly and automatically to our partners. Our partners may use the information collected to serve you with targeted advertising, both through our Services and other websites, email, online services or mobile applications.

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Canonized as the ending of LL. Had romantic feelings for Nautica but that arc was dropped for a platonic one. Flirted with Drift as he explained him his very specific type and his interest in getting in a relationship during a time there were only men in the shipshown interest on Tailgate, had a crush on Riptide. Changed her body after leaving her planet and realizising she is a girl. Has an internet alien boyfriend cons4eva - right. MTMTE 5 Roberts, Milne, Burcham, Mowry Oh, and to an extent, at least, the Magnus thing had a serious undertone — his obsessive observance of the rules was his way of coping with the postwar environment.

However other characters you seem to throw the reader a curveball and take them somewhere completely unexpected. Where does inspiration for this come from? Or just completely out of the blue? And MTMTE, especially in the early days, was as much about what the characters did as it was about what they were doing now, so I was after people without baggage. Then there is that single panel of Chromedome that made me think of the lie down, try not to cry meme. The cover artwork of Rodimus and Rung et al echoes Frank Frazetta, at least to me. Then there is Sergeant Pepper Cover. Is that a collaborative thing between you and the artists or all the artistic team? And in any case, pop culture references date quickly.

On those occasions I had a specific image in mind and used the movie poster and the music video as references. There are other little music nods, too: Moving along if we may to current events?

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