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Vaginal steaming

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In South Korea, vsgina women steam regularly after their monthly periods, as it's vagnia to boost circulation, supplying nutrition to the lower part of the body. Martha Tilaar Salon and Day Spa, which has branches across Indonesia, lists on its website the minute Ken Dedes Princess Ritual as one of its signature indulgences. The package begins with a massage that claims to 'increase blood circulation, soothe nerves and muscles'. It's followed with a hot, herbal bath and a 'unique feminine smoking ceremony that aims to cleanse a woman's sexual organ and remove unpleasant odour'. The therapist prepares a concoction of herbs that are smoked with small pieces of incense-like objects.

This is placed under your stool and the fragrant smoke rises up between your legs into your nether regions,' says Ana Ow, a mother of two who tried the treatment at the Martha Tilaar Spa in Bintan. I felt refreshed and clean after it.

Steaming is said to beautify and tighten the vagina wall and make sex better. A gynaecologist said it could open up the uterus, but I didn't feel any side effects. The masseuse boils the ratus herbs in water, then transfers the steaming mixture into a bowl before placing it under the stool. Recipients are to sit atop the stool to absorb the steam, before rinsing off with clean water after 20min. A basic ratus treatment usually lasts between 15minmin, after which the vapours either dissipate as the mixture cools in the case of steamingor it gets unbearably hot to the point of scalding in the case of smoking.

However, there are spas which offer more luxurious packages which last up to 3 hours that include back and foot massages, and a herbal bath. A typical ratus stool looks like a wooden box with a cushion placed atop.

It has a side door for the masseuse to place the herb snoke within the box, and also a top hole for the recipient of the treatment to receive the vapours produced. Puspita Herbal Herbs used in ratus There are two key ingredients that should be found in each ratus package: Betel leaf known locally as daun sirih and oak galls known locally as Manjakani. Both herbs have astringent properties and are traditionally used for vaginal tightening purposes. Besides ratus, both herbs can also be found in female wellness herbal pills and creams.

The green of muslims platinum to nourish, tone, board, bring in sparkling programmed blood, expand favoured, and becoming supple the previous and raised tissues. The consistent herbal ingredients are mugwort and woman, which have unattached antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal contenders. For indigo prolong, injuries are recommended to provide ratus twice a year — gently before, and after exploring.

vaginq There is no Vejus and fast rule for the other types of herbs that should be in a typical ratus herb packet. However, the commonly used aromatic spices included are: Some spas have recently begun to include jasmine, magnolia and chamomile, leaving your vagina smelling, literally, like flowers. All the rooms are private: A masseuse handed me disposable underwear and then told me to undress and lie on the table. It was relaxing and gentle. Massaging the area Totok is then performed for five minutes.

Smoke Venus vagina

The masseuse Ibu Made handed me a towel, followed by a pair of slippers and a drape made out of batik. The drape has an elasticized hole for your head. Vrnus cloth billowed as I walked over to a wooden seat with a hole in vaginw middle, positioned over smlke small chamber glowing with coals. As I settled down on the hard seat, the smoke gathered inside the drape, escaping in snoke tendrils under my nose. Skoke heat was pleasant at first. After twenty minutes of chatting in Indonesian you may want to take a book the masseuse declared my Penguapan complete.

As I put my clothes back on, I noticed my body felt warm and soothed from the steaming experience. Some people may find the concept of a vagina spa strange. VG packages can also be preceded by a full-body massage. Well any curious customer can check out underneath the chair, where there is a clay pot with heated charcoals sprinkled with the special ratus powder made of various herbs. The long robe deliberately covers the whole chair, so that the fragrant smoke can go straight to the vagina. Kayu rapat is said to tighten the vagina and of course the herb is aptly named. This secret mixture is dissolved in hot water, which emits a beautifully fragrant aroma. When the water gets warm, the client is seated on a wooden bucket filled with the mixture to submerge the vagina for about five minutes.

The very last stage of the spa treatment is Linggihan.

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