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Transumbilical Breast Augmentation Is Safe and Effective

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Belly button shape and size can be improved during the same surgery with no additional incisions or recovery. How is TUBA breast augmentation performed? TUBA breast augmentation is performed endoscopically, through a small J or C-shaped incision in the navel. The surgeon uses special instruments to create a pocket, or space, for your breast implants with the assistance of a tiny camera for vision. Each unfilled saline implant is inserted through the incision, carefully placed, and filled to the desired volume. Following surgery, the incision is closed, leaving no scarring on the breast.

Is TUBA breast augmentation safe? And will my results look as good as other methods? When performed by a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon with specific training and experience in the procedure, transumbilical breast augmentation has an excellent safety profile. The same can be said about other breast augmentation techniques, but surgeon choice is even more important when you want TUBA. Surgeons who do not favor the procedure cite the difficulty in achieving breast symmetry and properly positioning implants from the navel access point.

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Look for someone who augmengation done hundreds or even thousands of TUBA surgeries, performs augemntation on a regular basis, and operates exclusively in an accredited surgical facility. Also, view plenty of before and after photos and read patient reviews to get a feel for what you might expect. What are the throuvh of the TUBA technique? Pros of TUBA outweigh the cons for many patients, but there are some limitations: We cannot combine a breast lift with augmentation using only the belly button incision No single breast augmentation technique is right for every patient, and a reputable cosmetic surgeon will take into account your anatomy, goals, desired implant type, and other factors to ensure the procedure is the right fit for you.

Can implants be placed under the muscle with TUBA breast augmentation? Cosmetic surgeons who are true TUBA breast augmentation specialists can successfully perform submuscular breast augmentation through the belly button incision. Can you get silicone implants with the belly button incision?

The uninflated shell can be moved easily up through the belly button incision and into the Brezst pocket, being filled at the navap of surgery. Because silicone implants come prefilled, we must use another incision location. If you wish to avoid a breast incision but want the feel of silicone implants, consider transaxillary breast augmentation. Surgeons vifeo of my advocating an extensive training navval have conceded that if such courses had been required for liposuction, the plastic surgery community would have seen fewer post-liposuction problems. Unfortunately, just as with liposuction, a large number of inadequately trained doctors have been performing the TUBA procedure, and as a result there are many patients who have had problems and suboptimal results.

Although I do not imply that the TUBA procedure is as difficult as craniofacial surgery, as the latter is unquestionably far more complex, I do firmly believe that an inadequately trained person should no more attempt TUBA than attempt craniofacial surgery. A right-handed surgeon will likely stand on the patient's right side with the video monitor on the patient's left. The patient's knees are kept flat with no pillow or other object behind them to avoid obstructing handling of instruments.

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I prefer general Brdast not nitrous oxide for all breast augmentations. Long-acting local anesthetic is infiltrated superficially at the navel, but not for the tunnels. After Breat navel incision is made the only sugmentation during the procedureround-tipped scissors spread bluntly down to the surface of the rectus fascia. Direct vision confirms that the tunnel is directly on the fascia. The tip of the Johnson obturator without its tube is passed through the incision and up the tunnel in the plane between rectus fascia and subcutaneous tissue. It is important that this advancement be done in 4-cm increments only, and not in one continuous steady forward push as per the original article.

Care is taken when advancing to remain deep to the subcutaneous tissue to prevent any postoperative subcutaneous irregularity. The obturator is then advanced farther. For subpectoral placement, the breast is deliberately lifted during obturator passage across the inframammary crease, but for prepectoral placement, one does not lift up on the breast, as this in turn elevates the pectoral muscle.

As with any augmentation or reconstruction, contact with the vjdeo is avoided to minimize postoperative periosteal pain. Next the combined Johnson tube and obturator are advanced through the passageway. The obturator is then withdrawn from the tube and an endoscope of choice used to verify the proper plane relative to the muscle as well as to confirm that there is no significant bleeding.

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