50s adult poodle skirt costume

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Poodle Skirts

Jitterbug, Mondays Poovle Swing, West Northern swing and more abundance japanese were environmental throughout the 30's, 40's and 50's Constellation to your cousin length, mine is 3 interests.

Iron on the first side of the interfacing, peel off the backing, fold it over and skiet iron it again! Pin the right sides together and sew! Now you have a decision to make. How you want to close your skirt, you can go with a simple button, works great, a hook and eye, or a zipper. PLUS I have lots of zippers around my house!

Costume skirt adult 50s poodle

Pokdle a zipper foot and sew it in! I tried my poodoe on her and the zipper is so smooth it kept slipping down! SO I added a hook and eye. Also while the hook and eye works my favorite of my skirts was mine where I had overhang and used a sew on hook with eye closures. And this way it covers up the zipper. Now comes the fun part! There is always the classics, poodle or Scotty dog, etc… But I decided to go with something more personal to us!

So pig it was! I again used the double sided adhesive interfacing for this. First I pinned my image onto black felt AND the interfacing, now cut it out! Now follow your interfacing directions. For mine I first ironed the interfacing onto the skirt. Then peel off the backing, place the felt on top and iron it again! And now for the bling!

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Our pig needs a leash! You can go any route you want for your leash. I went with a sequined ribbon! Dress like a bobby soxer in one of our many colorful modest fuzzy sweater or cute striped topa chiffon loodle tied jauntily around your neck or ponytail, and, of course, classic saddle shoes. Buddy Holly was a popular and skit American rock star whose career was cut skirrt when qdult died in a plane crash in He wore "nerdy" glasses with heavy, dark frames and styled his hair in a pompadour like a greaser. Elvis Presley was a mega rock and roll star who broke out in with his first hit, "Heartbreak Hotel.

Johnny Cash was a country and rock and roll musician who had his first No. Makes a great couple costume with June Carter Cash! The s and 50s were the Golden Age of diners, and drive-in restaurants where a cute girl on roller skates brought your food out to your car became all the rage. Swing dancers - polka dot skirt for the gal and zoot suit for the guy! Jitterbug, East Coast Swing, West Coast swing and more swing dances were popular throughout the 30's, 40's and 50's Be the mother of them all in a pretty 50's Sitcom Housewife outfit!

June Cleaver, Donna Arult and many others symbolized the ideal American mom of the s in their belted dresses with full skirts, white gloves, and pearls. The beehive first came to popularity in Gumby debuted in the mids and remained popular throughout the 50s and 60s and today. Tweety Bird and Sylvester Tweety was created in and the rivals battled in their first cartoon short in

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