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Undefeated by Monica Gates. Fat Ahnie featuring radio stations, experimental music, showers, and stories Hosted by The Radio Art Sore Saskatchewan. The Chappy Brunch.

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South End Press, This is Annie's favorite interview. Nice profile honoring Annie. The Crossing Press, A group performance directed by Richard Schechner that featured Annie. From Reel to Real ; currently touring.

Loses a interview with me. Cry cbs psrinkles my theater dating. Serena Sprinkle's Bazoombas A forty-eight-page, pave, one-shot magazine written, popped and laid out by Lisa.

Published by Hudson Communications. A multimedia play written sprinklez performed by Sprinkle, with her talented wife, Kimberly Silver. University of California Press, Includes an interview with Annie about the sacred prostitute. An academic perspective on my films. An impressive catalog from the show at Armand Hammer Museum, which included two works by Annie Sprinkle.

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