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Here’s what to do if your tampon is stuck

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I lay back on the bed and spread my legs while my saintly boyfriend ventured into the putrid cavern. What do you mean there's something in there?

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It had been jammed all the way against my cervix, balled-up — likely from the force of his penis during sex. The smell immediately engulfed the entire room: I've never been more humiliated in my life. I was incredibly lucky that I didn't have any symptoms of toxic shock syndrome TSSwhich can happen when a tampon is left in too long. Before this happened to me, I was very judgey when I heard stories about women getting TSS or somehow losing tampons or condoms inside themselves. I couldn't believe it was possible that this could happen to someone, and I thought it was disgusting that anyone could have such poor hygiene that they wouldn't know they had something stuck in their vagina.

This tampoj taught me that it can and does happen. It happened to me, and I had no idea. I now have compassion and empathy for people who find themselves in similar situations; I am also grateful that my outcome was not as bad or scary as it could have been. I never thought I'd be able to say that I lost a tampon in my vagina for nine days, and yet, here I am. It was gross, sure — but I refuse to be ashamed or embarrassed about it. I did, however, switch to the DivaCup.

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She contracted TSS in despite changing her tampon regularly. Every year, TSS affects around 1 inwomen. What is Toxic Shock Syndrome? Toxic shock syndrome is a rare but life-threatening condition caused by bacteria getting into the body and releasing harmful toxins. Each year toxic shock syndrome affects about one inwomen. It occurs when bacteria, which live on the skin, invade the bloodstream and produce dangerous toxins. Symptoms usually begin with a sudden high fever, with a temperature above Lost tampons increase your risk for bacterial infections.

Toxic shock syndrome TSS: This rare but life-threatening infection can occur with tampons that are left in the body for too long. Manufacturers have changed their products to reduce the risk of TSS, even with long-forgotten tampons, but the risk is still there. How to handle a tampon that got pushed too far During sexual intercourse, a penis or sex toy will likely push a tampon high into the vaginal canal. That may make retrieval difficult as the string is beyond your reach. You may also forget the tampon is there.

However, you should make every effort to get it out as soon as possible. The longer it stays in there, the greater the risk for possible complications and side effects. To get the tampon out on your own, wash your hands well.

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