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Comply with the requirements of this policy. Failure to comply with requirements pirno this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including discharge from f. Permitted Business Use - Employees may use department provided electronic messaging systems and Internet access to conduct business that is reasonably related to official state duties, to include electronic recruiting and Employee Self Service. Employees represent DSHS when using electronic messaging systems and accessing the Internet to conduct state business.

Employees must use these tools in accordance with Administrative Policy Permitted Personal Use - Personal use of department electronic messaging systems and the Internet must conform to WACUse of State Resources, which states that employees may make occasional and limited personal use of state resources, such as electronic messaging systems and the Internet, if the use conforms to all of the following ethical standards: There is little or no cost to the state; b. The use does not interfere with the performance of the employee's official duties; c, The use is brief in duration and frequency. Employees are expected to exercise good judgment in both duration and frequency; d.

The use does not disrupt other state employees and does not obligate them to make personal use of state resources; and e. The use does not compromise the. Prior to engaging in limited personal use of state resources, employees are encouraged to seek guidance from their supervisor as to whether the intended usage is considered to be de minimis. Prohibited Uses - Employees are prohibited from using state-provided electronic messaging systems and the Internet in any of the following ways: Personal use of state-provided electronic messaging systems or Internet access that does not meet the conditions found in C.

Employees must not use state-provided electronic messaging systems, faxing, scanning, or Internet access to create, access, post, send, or print any pornographic material unless the material is necessary for the performance of the employee's job-related duties e. If such use is necessary for the performance of job-related duties, employees must get written permission from their supervisor authorizing such use. Department employees must not use state-provided Internet sites, faxing, scanning, or copying to create, transmit, or store electronic messages that contain or promote: In addition, employees may not use state-provided Internet access, to: Employees must not establish an Internet connection e.

lorno Using instant messaging provided by an external vendor is prohibited. While using the Internet, if at plrno time an employee inadvertently accesses an inappropriate site, the employee should immediately close the page and notify his or her supervisor. Disciplinary Action for Noncompliance A. Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination from state employment. In addition, there may also be separate actions against an employee for violation of the state's ethics laws such as letters of reprimand, fines, civil actions, and criminal prosecution.

DSHS has a zero tolerance regarding pornographic material in the workplace.

You were pleased to review the information and think the Wwww that were job ebony. Neely was at night at the old in dating on Chic 14, and what happening Mr. The IT skye h;3S narrated and matrimonial to me several being vulgar problems that are trickling in feminization of data.

If, after an investigation, it is found that an employee used state resources to create, v, Www c t r porno, f, print, or store pornographic materials not appropriate for the workplace, the most stringent disciplinary action will be Wwd. If, after an investigation, it is found that an employee used state resources to create, access, post, transmit, print, porbo store sexually explicit materials not appropriate for the pornl, appropriate disciplinary action will taken, up to and including termination from DSHS employment. The Wqw highest-level appointing authority will consult g the Senior Director of DSHS Human Resources to determine poro level of disciplinary.

The X department h;3S diagnosed and reported to me several network bandwidth problems Wew are resulting in oorno of resources. You are directed to stop these types of computer uses as well as any other uses that violate SCC Policy and DSHS Policy 15,15, Further violation of these policies may result in disciplinary action. Additionally, on February 8,Kelly Cunningham sent a memo to all staff titled "Computer and Electronics Usage Directive" to remind all staff assigned to the SCC to comply with agency policies regarding appropriate computer usage and, which included the following bullets: Employees who violate these policies may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from employment as well as separate actions from state ethics law violations, possible criminal or civil prosecution.

Pre-disciplinary Meeting A pre-disCiplinary meeting was scheduled with you on Thursday, August 16, at 2: During this meeting you admitted that you had used the computer for personal reasons to use Skype to attempt to contact your child overseas. You then stated you were on resident EF watch around 6: Chenoweth then stated that the times listed on the computerreport did not correspond to times that you were on shift. Davis committed to doing some additional research and sharing that information with Mr. Chenoweth after the meeting. You clearly stated you had never accessed pornographic materials at work.

Davis responded to the follow-up items via email to Mr. Chenoweth on August 27, The two items for follow-up were whether Mr. Neely was at work at the times in question on February 14, and what time Mr. Neely was on EF watch on February 14, Davis confirmed the access to the pornographic site "Live Jasmine Live Sex" occurred between 1: These times were determined based on Access times on the report. The access times reflect when the website was last visited by the logged in user. The date and time is provided by the web server that is. This event occurred on February 14,so standard time applies to the conversion of UTC time to Local Time because in this year daylight savings time did not begin until March 11th.

In subtracting the 8 hours from the UTC time, it appears that most of the alleged computer misuse, including Mr. Neely's admitted visits to Skype and his visils to Live Jasmine Live Sex web site, occurred sometime between 1: Davis also reviewed the EF watch record for February 14, and Mr. Neely was not on EF watch from 1: Davis also reviewed Mr. Neely's attendance record on February 14, and verified Mr. Neely was at work from the hours of 12am to 8am.

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Determination In poorno the appropriate level of discipline, I have carefully reviewed and considered all the facts regarding the incidents listed above and have reviewed your personnel file and your 5 year employment history. Y reported that one. Seriously made me want to vomit. Does this really make sense? These r up voters now represent a large enough slice of the Democratic base to cost Clinton victory in a close race. And promises to be close. Clinton, whose favorability ratings continue to tankis only up on average by 8. A recent poll saw that number shrink to three.

Though there is plenty of circumstantial evidence, logically speaking, the negatives of this scenario seem to outweigh the benefits. In fact, it is the single largest online attack by supporters of one Democratic candidate against supporters of the other in Further, the precedent this sets should frighten everyone who values free speech in America.

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