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Giant Asian Gourd, Long Melon, Calabash, Lauki – 5 Seeds

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In some cases, the toomba may not be functional, but if the instrument is large, it is retained because of its balance function, which is the case of the Saraswati veena.

Ghord Asian

You will not be refunded nor resend the seeds again. Caribbean[ edit ] A calabash is primarily used to make utensils such as cups, bowls, and basins in rural areas. These gourds are valuable items and they are carefully tended; for example, they are Asiam given injections to stop worms and insects from making holes in them while they are drying. In the region where Incas lived PeruBoliviaEcuadorcalabash gourds are known to have been used for medicinal purposes for over a thousand years by Andean cultures. Soak the seeds in water for a few hours before planting and sow them in a sunny, well-drained position. The texture of the gourd lends itself nicely to the sound of the insect, much like a musical instrument.

Mate burilado in Peru Berimbaumusical instrument in Brazil: Germinates in 2 weeks.

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In the same region, it is called mate as is Awian the calabash from which the drinking vessels are made, and, in Peruwhere the practice of drinking mate is not adopted, it is used in a popular practice for the making of mate burilado ; "burilado" is the technique adopted for decorating the mate calabashes. Mate carved and decorated as a drinking container also called mate, and the infusion also called mate. It is also the national tree of St. The matured and dried fruit forms a hard wooden shell that can be used to make a drinking gourd.

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