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Large diapers Wholesale adult

Wholesael incontinence products are super comfortable, with a super absorbent core that turns liquid and odors to gel, for the perfect hWolesale of comfort and protection. Hopefully now you know what to look for when you get to the store. Better yet, they are all designed for complete discretion. Liners are great for those small little sprinkles that can happen when you cough, sneeze, or exercise. Pads come in several absorbencies and lengths depending on your needs.

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FRONT mark helps to distinguish back and front. Small spurts — light and moderate pads Streams — heavy pads Sudden gushes — extra heavy Wholseale Large gushes up to a full bladder — extra heavy pads or underwear Liners Liners are thin and flexible, similar to the feminine hygiene pantyliners you may be familiar with, but with more absorbency. Easy removal of the used product side perforations to tear. Pull-ups may be put on and taken off just like normal underwear. Side standing gathers made of a hydrophobic nonwoven keep the moisture inside and prevent from side leakages.

Anatomical shape, narrower absorbent core and body - closer fit guarantee more discretion, comfort and greater feeling of dryness. Whlesale adjustment to the body, elastic elements ensure the freedom of movements and no pressure on the skin. In addition to urinary incontinence products, you may want to consult your doctor about medical treatments, like pharmaceuticals or surgery, to help alleviate your symptoms. Pads Pads are great for heavier bladder leaks, like spurts or streams.

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