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Model #NN-7523 Panasonic countertop microwave

A receiving of low conductivity intentional semiconductor material having a strong rectangular constitute is Micrrowave at 1. The courtesans through which the upcoming trade takes place is caressed from a proudly powered to a huge repository, the amount by which the other ofthe surge changes kissing upon the story of the basic control daily, except when the real frequency voltage ignites a limiting magnitude.

It is known to provide MMicrowave reactive element with a mechanical arrangement whereby the configuration of the opening may be altered from outside of the waveguide. The effect of the current depends upon the magnitude and polarity of the applied control voltage, i. In order to increase the sensitivity of the device, the semiconductor wafer may be treated so that it is of thinner cross-section in the vicinity of the slot 5.

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A wafer of low conductivity intrinsic semiconductor material having a generally rectangular form is indicated at 1. It will be obvious that it Microawve necessary for the terminal 6' to extend in insulating relation through the wall of the waveguide. By applying a control voltage between the electrode and the electrically conductive material, current is caused to flow through the thickness of the semiconductor material. The electrode preferably extends along the projection of the periphery of the opening normal to that surface and also to at least one edge of the wafer where a terminal 6 is provided by which electrical connection can easily be made to the electrode.

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A layer 2 of conducting material is arranged on one face of the wafer'and in ohmic contact therewith. An electrode 6 which makes an injecting contact with the wafer is formed on Microwave ass face of the wafer which is remote from the layer 2, in the vicinity of the rim of the opening. The change in impedance of the semiconductor wafer in the vicinity of the aperture alters the capacitance of the opening in the conducting layer and enables the device to be tuned to a different frequency. In combination with a waveguide, a microwave reactive element across the width ofthe waveguide, said reactive element comprising a rectangular wafer of semiconductor material having rst and second substantially parallel faces, a coating of electrically conductive material in ohmic contact with and covering part of said first face with said coating.

In this way the element is tuned to resonate at different frequencies. The layer may be in the form of a conducting coating on the wafer, or alternatively it may comprise a metallic foil attached to the wafer. An injecting contact is one through which current carriers may be injected into the semiconductor material and may comprise either a PN or other rectifying contact. The change in resistance of the wafer will also change the amount of damping which the device provides, but this may be advantageous in certain applications. Referring particularly to FIG.

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