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Melinda Messenger REGRETS getting a boob aged 24

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Nothing worthwhile in life comes easily - childbirth included. It's not that bad and in a weird way it's enjoyable. After contracting pre-eclampsia, she had to have her first son, Morgan, by emergency Caesarean. If it was up to me I'd have a house full of children, but that's a lot to ask Wayne at the minute. Getty The threads are inserted using a needle, and act like a scaffold which holds the skin in place until natural elasticity is restored. After seven years, the couple from Wiltshire have proved the cynics wrong. And does she care? For more information, see www.

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Melinda Messenger reveals 'thrilling' results of secret Mflinda Image: The star unveiled the results today The Mrlinda stay in the skin for six months and the results can last for up to two years. Copyright Gale, Cengage Learning. If I didn't have that profile I wouldn't be able to support campaigns like this. I knew that I loved Wayne and he loved me. Men found her irresistible, and her sunny, down-to-earth nature won her an army of female fans, too.

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Her favourite time is spent simply hanging mesenger with her children, Wayne and their three Shitzu dogs, Scooter, Casper and Sushi. While there's no medical evidence to support past concerns that silicone messengsr implants could obscure cancer cells when being scanned, Melinda, who had a boob job at the age of 23, does admit that her priorities have changed. From the moment I get up with the kids at seven until I fall into bed at nine, I'm on the go. And now, as one of Britain's favourite personalities, she's put her high profile to good use - by supporting the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade and the charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Already, she's back into her size six jeans.

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