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That's what happens Gfi the 0: As Celebration Fail When you think about it, is there any better way to celebrate a touchdown than by pegging an unsuspecting spectator in the face? When Blue asks Beyonce what stunting is, so she's gotta show her real quick. But it also reveals that even when she's just chillin, Bey can't help but blow minds with her incredible dance moves and impossible perfection. It was full of lingering ill-will for his decision to the leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and snarky schadenfreude over his initial failure to win a championship with the Miami Heat.

Ass Gif

Who would win in a battle between Beyonce and Giff ninja? Here, the University of Oregon's duck slams the University of Houston's cougar. The Astros are the worst team in baseball this year, but they aren't completely useless. The Beyonce reaction if a guy asks to buy you a drink in the club—but you already have two.

Aes full court desperation heave with a 11 seconds to go is never the way to do it, however. Representing Your School Fail College football mascots are supposed to represent their schools in a fun, positive light — which doesn't typically include picking fights. So it's actually still a success

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