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Wonder if they thought it would work out getting the air from underneath? Will do, if I remember, or think about it, I'll log on tomorrow once we get settled in and straight. But, I'm happy so far!

I am going to get one clinging today, hope to see it Saturday, and will run my first tow with it on Television. Here's a sexy run-down on an item.

marylznd Let us know how it goes! That way you pre cool the fluid before it goes in the radiator, helping to keep the engine cooler at the same time since the heat transfer is less at the radiator. That way the warm engine coolant warms up the trans fluid on cold days. If you have room you might be able to install an auxillary cooling fan in front of the cooler, and then either regulate it with the truck fan input, or just have a switch in the truck that you can turn it off and on with as needed Chris0nllyn So, went to Advanced and picked up the adaptor kit I needed.

When towing a heavy load, ie - camper. I could be asking the question wrong as well. I have been contemplating installing one on my truck with the aux fan in front of it. I want to say, the warmest I've seen it was F, and that was going up the mountains to Luray Caverns. You'll be removing trans lines anyway.

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