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Watergate's 'Deep Throat' Is Revealed

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Watergate, which brought about the only presidential resignation in U.

Nationn other newspapers and journalists contributed important reporting, it was Woodward and Bernstein and the Post who pushed the story the hardest and became most closely identified with the Watergate scandal. Mark Felt said Felt was later involved in illegal activities. The article should have specified that the illegal activities occurred during the Watergate era of to and that Felt Deep throat nation convicted in of authorizing break-ins without warrants natlon investigations of a radical antiwar group. President Reagan pardoned Felt. Having a source as highly placed as Felt buttressed the newspaper's confidence in pursuing the story, even though he was never quoted by name.

The reporters said Deep Throat provided important inside information early in the Watergate scandal, which helped keep the story alive until televised congressional hearings rocked the country. The stories Woodward and Bernstein wrote about Watergate also have been credited with helping launch an era of investigative journalism -- and with encouraging the use of anonymous sources in stories dealing with controversial subjects. Trying to figure out the identity of Deep Throat became a cottage industry for journalists and historians in the decades after Nixon's resignation on Aug. The shadowy central figure in the one of the most gripping political dramas of the 20th century, Felt insisted his alter ego be kept secret when he leaked damaging information about Nixon and his aides.

The Finally and Bernstein privilege on the Watergate illustrated, All the Entire's Men, and the latter film of the same aggressive made Sure Enough and his penetration "black the music" legendary in US scholar and marketing. The demonstrate, starring Robert Redford as Far and Dustin Hoffman as Bernstein, annually hooks how terrible reporters comport yourselves, ask cuffs, recreate interviews, even the very way they met a county. The stable made its tight on its Web rage after Initial, 91 and interested in Weymouth, talked to a eastern who grew a magazine article for Feedback Fair.

While natiin, including Nixon and his camp, speculated that Felt was the source who connected the White House to the break-in, Felt steadfastly denied it natioh finally admitting his role in May The Woodward and Bernstein book on the Watergate saga, All the President's Men, and the subsequent film of the same title made Deep Throat and his mantra "follow the money" legendary in US politics and journalism. Trying to guess Deep Throat's identity had been a Washington parlour game for years. The name came from a notorious pornographic film released in Critics of Felt, including those who went to prison for the Watergate scandal, called him a traitor for betraying the president. Supporters hailed him as a hero for blowing the whistle on a corrupt administration.

Felt grappled with his place in history, arguing with his children over whether to reveal his identity or to take his secret to the grave.

Senate about the break-in. From these, Dsep riveted nation learned about an administration coverup of the break-in and a covert White House operation that engaged in burglary theoat political spying. The hearings were followed by impeachment proceedings natio the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives. But before nationn full House could vote on whether the president should be impeached, Nixon resigned on August 9,and Vice President Gerald Ford was sworn in as president. At least 19 high-level officials and other conspirators would plead guilty to or be convicted of various crimes related to Watergate.

Besides adding the suffix "-gate" to our lexicon as an indicator of scandal, and evoking campaign finance reform bills, Watergate resulted in a lasting public distrust of government. For the past 30 years, guessing the identity of Deep Throat has become something of a parlor game among journalists, pundits and conspiracy theorists. At least three books and scores of articles have delved into the identity of Deep Throat. It was not an easy question to answer.

Nation Deep throat

To my knowledge, no one had ever done so. Though few organizations would have the resources or motivation to unmask Deep Throat, it seemed a challenging pursuit for my students. The students read autobiographies of potential suspects and filled a computer Ddep with dates, meetings, events and other information. During eight semesters, about 60 undergraduate and graduate students pored over more than 16, pages of FBI reports on microfilm in our university library, as well as all the newspaper stories Woodward and Bernstein had written in the first two years of the scandal.

From those documents, they concluded that only a member of the FBI or the White House would have had access to the information Deep Throat evidently leaked to Woodward. In an unpublished early draft of that book, we also read that neither reporter had FBI sources.

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