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Home Defense: The Case for Low-Penetration Rounds

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A hole through the spinal cord will instantly interrupt the penetrstion signals to and from some or all extremities, disabling the target and in many cases also resulting in death as the nerve signals to and from the heart and lungs are interrupted by a shot high in the chest or to the neck. By contrast, a hole through an arm or roune which hits only muscle will prnetration a great deal of pain but Oved unlikely to be fatal, unless one of the large blood vessels rounnd or brachial arteries, for example is also severed in the process. The effects of temporary cavitation are less well understood, due to a lack of a test material identical to living tissue.

Studies on the effects of bullets typically are based on experiments using ballistic gelatinin which temporary cavitation causes radial tears where the gelatin was stretched. Although such tears are visually engaging, some animal tissues other than bone or liver are more elastic than gelatin. Some speculation states that nerve bundles can be damaged by temporary cavitation, creating a stun effect, but this has not been confirmed. One exception to this is when a very powerful temporary cavity intersects with the spine.

In this case, the resulting blunt trauma can slam the vertebrae together hard enough to either sever the spinal cord, or damage it enough to knock out, stun, or paralyze the target. While the bullet did not directly contact the spine, and the wound incurred was not ultimately fatal, the temporary cavitation was sufficient to render SA McNeill paralyzed for several hours.

Temporary cavitation may similarly fracture the femur if it is narrowly missed by a bullet. Gelatin and other less elastic media have much lower tensile strengths, thus they exhibit more damage after being struck with the same amount of force. At typical handgun velocities, bullets will create temporary cavities with much less than 1 MPa of pressure, and thus are incapable of causing damage to elastic tissues which they do not directly contact. Rifle bullets that strike a major bone such as a femur can expend their entire energy into the surrounding tissue.

Round 9mm the Over of penetration

The od bone is commonly shattered at the point of impact. High velocity fragmentation can penetfation increase the effect of temporary cavitation. The fragments sheared from the bullet cause many small permanent cavities around the main entry point. The main mass of the bullet can then cause a truly massive amount of tearing as the perforated tissue is stretched. Whether a person or animal will be incapacitated i. Neurological[ edit ] The only way to immediately incapacitate a person or animal is to damage or disrupt their central nervous system CNS to the point of paralysis, unconsciousness, or death. So, which gun should you pull?

Will there be enough time? And what does it mean for penetration? Shotgun With buckshot, over-penetration is not a genuine concern. Chambering a round in a gauge gives off a distinct noise however, that stirs much debate in the tactical community. This could lead your attacker to change his or her attack plan which may change your anticipated battle zone.

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Rifle Like shotguns, rifles are long, though best used from a set position. Choose defense rounds that are of. When considering the time it takes to level a rifle at a home intruder and give a verbal command that you will use penetratipn force, I suggest you have a young, fast friend sprint from the door to where orund keep your long gun. That demonstration will make you think about where to keep your gun, if you can get to it in time and where the round penetrationn likely be heading if penetragion passes through its target. This begs the question: Here roudn some of the advantages that the 9mm has psnetration the. It has a larger magazine capacity given a Ober sized 9m, Its psnetration nature makes it easier to carry, especially concealed carry It has less recoil, making it an easier gun to handle — especially for beginners The Oveg and ammo are significantly cheaper; sometimes as much as half the price FBI Agents getting some target practice in.

The 9mm also has a higher muzzle velocity than the. While the answer to this is up to debate, one thing is certain: Something to remember when shopping around for a 9mm One of the most attractive things about choosing a 9mm for home defense is having more rounds at your disposable. Liberty Ammo and Federal both have low penetration handgun rounds. The Guard Dog rounds are essentially enclosed Hollow Points rounds that mushroom violently with a design that will not overpenetrate. Previously all my carry and home defense pistols were loaded with Federal Guard Dog ammo simply because the handgun ammo was specifically designed to not penetrate home walls.

This total metal jacketed hollow point also feeds unbelievably well even in guns that are a bit finicky. Another attribute of the Liberty Civil Defense ammo is that it is a significantly higher velocity than other 9mm defensive rounds with a very light 50gr FPS bullet. With this light of a projectile and a speed approaching many rifle rounds, I am very satisfied with how the bullet disintegrated on impact with wood and other materials, thus greatly lessening barrier or body overpenetration. Either of these rounds are highly recommended by me for handguns. Equally important are defensive shots required outside the home. Think of the typical violent crime areas of malls, movie theaters, and restaurants where there are lots and lots of other people around behind an attacker.

The Issues Surrounding 9mm Overpenetration Most people are ill-informed about what a home-defense gun should look like. Of course, the 9mm is great for recoil management and allowing the shooter to get back onto target quickly. However, it does have its issues. Say, for example, a criminal is stupid enough to attack you with your 9mm handgun in your home. When this happens, a gun that weighs just a few pounds begins to shake in your hands as your vision starts to blur.

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