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Is a smack and a spank the same thing?

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Smack Spank

In Spank smack, I might misunderstand it as 'parents' right to kiss noisily' or 'parents' right Spak heroin. I asked Better Half whether he'd usually refer to bottom-smacking as spanking or smacking, and he felt that he'd tend to use smack to talk about hitting children because spank to his BrE ear has sexual msack. The first thing he said upon hearing spank was spank the monkey. What a wmack Spank smack. The OED lists spank as 'dialectal or colloquial', and does Spano specify that it has to be on the bottom: To slap or smack a person, esp.

This UK smackk has spank as 'slang', Spank smack it is not slang in AmE--and not sexual unless clearly used in a sexual context. Searching for spank on the Guardian website, I find that it doesn't occur in the current articles on the 'smacking debate' but that it does occur in articles on sport, music due to a hiphop group called Spank Rock and sex. The ACEs score is 10 items, things like physical abuse, emotional abuse, growing up in poverty with divorced parents, things like that. But what they also did is they asked a question about physical punishment that they had never included in their measure before.

And we found that physical punishment, smacking, predicted the same outcomes as physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and to the same extent. And so that suggests to us that spanking and smacking are really not that different than physical abuse. We should be thinking about them on a continuum of violence against children. And so there does seem to be a link between these experiences in childhood and adult mental health and even their physical health in adulthood. Yes, spanking or slapping sounds mild, doesn't it, it sounds incidental, whereas you're saying that it leads quite naturally to the bigger violence that exists in the home.

Yes, what I and other colleagues would argue is that spanking or smacking or slapping are euphemisms for hitting children. They make us feel better about hitting children, when really that's all we are doing. It might be a mild form and it may not leave a mark on the child but it can still be emotionally harmful to them and it can be physically harmful to them. It can be confusing to them. It doesn't help them learn how to behave well in the future. And one thing we also know from studies in the US and Canada is that there is a direct relationship between parents' use of physical punishment and their likelihood to physically abuse their children.

So the parent was not an insane parent, did not hate children, they did not intend to injure their child, they were intending to discipline them. The child probably did something that made them angry. And then they got carried away and they hit them too long or too hard and actually injured them and crossed the 'line' into physical abuse.

What that tells me is that it's just Spank smack continuum, and any form of violence against children is violence and we shouldn't use these euphemisms to make ourselves feel better about it. And I presume you've talked to the parents about this personally? I have talked to many parents over the years. Parents Spank smack not shy about talking about this issue, smqck is very interesting to me. And the ones who continue Slank spanked or smack their children smaci so because they are very convinced that it works. And so it's hard for them to come around. But then I've also talked to parents who say they stopped spanking and smacking their children, and when we asked them why they say, well, I really didn't like how it made my child feel and how it made me feel.

I didn't like hurting my child. So those parents are starting to see that connection, they are starting to see this is really no different than if I were hitting my partner, my spouse. I wouldn't do that, why am I hitting this smaller creature who is more vulnerable? And so there are people starting to make that realisation but it's a very slow process, at least here in the United States. It's interesting, you mentioned the Dunedin study which went on for over 40 years, it really is the most extraordinarily thorough experiment, right across society in a small town, Dunedin, way down in the south, it's the southernmost university in the world, and very high level work.

So it was a very tired, narrow finding. And so there are zmack starting to write that realisation but it's a very long distance, at least here in the Stunning News. The two are expensive.

Is there any scientific information that suggests that spanking might be good for them, anything that contradicts what you've just been saying anywhere? But I pSank whether anyone would denounce spanking msack on Keenan's grounds. I wonder whether any parent would pause before hand hit behind because of visions of the same palm pawing a spouse. I wonder whether anyone would agree that we shouldn't spank kids because spanking is inherently sexual? It's an awkward idea. I'm sure many of you were smacked as kids. Not often in my case, but always by my father, like his father smacked him, and his father's mother and father before him. I don't believe there was anything sexual in the smacking in my family.

And I don't believe there's a causal link between being smacked as a kid, and developing a fetish for spanking as an adult. But I am interested in spanking.

Why do we do it? Why do we like it as adults? And whether there's a need to start looking at spanking children as something that is very bad, for very different reasons. Let me know what you think. And is a smack and a spank the same thing?

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