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10 Trends Started By ‘Sex and the City,’ Which Aired 20 Years Ago This Year

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The ladies are kicked out of the Playboy Mansion and Ssx their taste for fakes once and for all. Hoards of New York women everywhere who wanted to emulate everyone's favorite Park Avenue princess immediately rushed to Tasti D-Lite after a Season 6 episode in habdbag, prompting massive success for the chain. What initially shocks them becomes a staple in their spa routines—and it did for American women as well. As soon as the treatment was shown on TV, it skyrocketed in popularity. Hey, it may be painful, but if Samantha Jones can handle it, so can you. The Meatpacking District The Meatpacking District The rise of the once-sleazy Meatpacking District in the s, it was a hub of drug dealing and prostitution immediately paralleled the timeline of Sex and the City.

In the late s, as the show premiered, high-end shops like Diane von Furstenberg and Stella McCartney had just started to pop up. The show depicted the area as a covetable neighborhood, with PR exec Samantha scoring a snazzy apartment there and the gang regularly brunching at hotspots like Pastis above.

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By the end of the show's run, the Meatpacking District was the hottest neighborhood in New York City. Big Flowers Big Flowers This trend was everywhere in the early s, and while some pulled it off, more often than not it translated into a major fashion faux-pas. Naturally, Carrie was one of the rare few who made this work effortlessly. While sometimes, a large flower pinned to her blouse seemed out of place, it's these quirky touches that made Carrie's style what it was—if only so many suburban moms didn't follow suit. Apple Laptops Apple Laptops These days, having a Mac computer is pretty commonplace—especially in the media industry.

But it wasn't always that way. Carrie's incessant writing on her black PowerBook G3 made the computer more than a prop, it was a main character on the show. Ask any super fan who was a PC user pre-Carrie: Miranda had a nice selection of diverse bags. Carrie had several Chanel bags on her arm throughout the movie.

The classic flap bag which she wore long thr one single chain a la and the tote with patches. This is the one she carried to Fashion Week with the girls. Not my favorite but it was flashy and appropriate for the occasion. She is supposedly showing her love of Paris but whatever— the bag is costumey and kitschy, definitely not my cup of tea— and the price is beyond ridiculous!

She was wearing fabulous Dior gladiator platform shoes, though. This is one of my absolute favorite bags from Se movie. At the risk of sounding like a fashion victim, I really want it! Miranda not my favorite character had it swinging from her arm in one of the group scenes and it is a scene stealer!

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