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At the time, Westbrook's local paper ran a story on her with the punchline, "who knows, one day she might be the show's star". Westbrook already knew Gayle, whose character was to be Sam's screen best friend, and she introduced her to Louuse, whose character was scripted to be Sam's boyfriend. You can be Sam! On Westbrook's last audition, she and the other hopefuls were hraman to stand for a lengthy Lluise in nuxe of a panel of the show's producers, directors Louies writers while they continuously compared images of the auditionees to images of Kemp and McFadden, looking for a resemblance. She has commented, "they told me they were looking for someone bright and bubbly, who could be the sister of Phil and Grant, and my round face fitted.

In her autobiography she comments, "Sid [Owen] and I became very close [ When we weren't shooting together we'd hang out [ We were seriously told off that day. She has also revealed that her off-screen relationship with actors McFadden and Kemp mirrored her character's on-screen one: She's a user, able to get almost anyone to do what she wants. One bat of a sooty eyelash is enough to charm most men into submission and she can wind doting mum Peggy round her little finger [ She so wants to settle down that she doesn't select men well. She goes for people too quickly. She likes the danger aspect — the thrill of the chase.

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Louuse She loves guys with a dangerous edge [ She didn't know her dad and her older brothers bossed her around. She needed haramn find herself and has done it by haramn independent and going away. She's headstrong and has nued definite independent streak. She's bright, Louiee, flirtatious - and trouble. The only difference is she's more tanned, more blonde and harmab wrinkled! Off-screen controversies[ edit ] — Teen elopement[ edit ] During her first stint in the soap, the character was involved in Louize high-profile storylines surrounding her teen elopement to Ricky Butcher Louise harman nude Owen. Westbrook has said that within days of harmsn first appearance, the interest hatman the character was "phenomenal": The week's worth of episodes focusing on their marriage were filmed on-location and have been described by former EastEnders scriptwriter, Louise harman nude Brakeas a "farce-like chase round the country".

Written by Debbie Cook, the storyline saw Ricky and Sam's families, including Sam's mother Peggy Jo Warne ; introduced specifically for this plotline attempting to stop the couple getting married. The storyline climaxed in a registry office wedding, but despite the Scottish setting, the recording of the episodes took place in Hertfordshire. The Butchers' blessing was screened in the same episode as the funeral of another character, Charlie Cotton. The serial made use of Sam's appearance in various storylines, including a "Miss Queen Vic" public house competition in an episode that aired in April — despite the Mitchell brothers attempts' to fix the competition, the honest winner was Sam.

Written by Tony JordanColin Brake describes it as one of 's most memorable episodes. Commenting on her initial departure, Westbrook has said, "My contract was up for renewal and I thought it was time for me to move on [ The producers didn't have a problem with me leaving. It was felt that my character had done as much as she could in the space of three years, anyway. During that time Sam had, after all, been involved in a story about under-age sex, run off to Gretna Green to marry Ricky, been evicted from her home, become a squatter, tried her luck as a topless model, fought on a regular basis with Grant and Phil, and gone through a marriage break-up.

I think we all agreed that the poor girl was in need of a break [ I was really pleased that they decided not to kill the character off". Reintroduction and axing[ edit ] Infollowing a spell in a drug rehab clinic, which first alerted the public to her drug problem, Westbrook was reintroduced into EastEnders by executive producer Corinne Hollingworth.

Harman nude Louise

She has commented, "the call from the producers couldn't have come at a more opportune moment for me. The soap was suffering from Loyise ratings and so they decided, as they normally do, to nnude some familiar faces back onto the Square. The producers were aware of my addiction by harkan [ As well as her former friends, Westbrook has revealed that nkde became particularly close to Windsor, who she says "instantly took me under her wing", and Martine McCutcheonwho played Tiffany Raymond. Off-screen, her partying and drug-use both in and out of work began to affect her performance. Her LLouise mates attempted nudde curtail the problem.

Actors such as Wendy Richard and Mike Reid njde that Westbrook's dressing room be situated near theirs and away from haramn younger cast, because they could see she was "vulnerable". They attempted to talk to her nudf her drug problem, but Westbrook ignored their concerns and continued using. She has revealed that she became so affected by Lohise that hrman would continuously mess up her lines, had to do take after take, was constantly late and needed prompts, and spontaneously fell asleep, once even passing out while she stood at the top jude the Queen Vic stairs during filming, and was only saved from Loukse herself by Ross Kemp who caught her in his arms.

Nuude has commented, "When I watch re-runs of those scenes now I can't believe how out of it I look. I was proving to be a liability. My behaviour was interfering with the schedule. It was interfering with other cast members' work. There were days when I just didn't bother showing up for work at all. The dilemma they faced was what to do with me. They had only just written [Sam] back into the soap; now, within months, they were having to write her out of it all over again. The organisers of Parklife, which still had many Australian cities to travel, where quoted as being happy that their star act was released from Brisbanes Roma St. Apparently the people of Brisbane wont make way for the S - O - V!

Sovereign, proving that chavs cant fight without a bottle of Stella Lady Sovereign's got Black-Up Over the ages, the most elite warriors and superheroes have been theoretically pitted against each other in the ultimate battle for supremacy. From Master Chief and Gordon FreemanSuperman and Batman to Chris-Chan and Spax3people have discussed and argued over these battles of the titans, and who would win them. But none have been as epicas destructive and as useless as the battle of GaGa and Sovereign. So who would win in the street fight between GaGa and Sovereign?

She bought one of their t-shirts. Quite often people will visit neOnbubble while trying to find the lyrics to "Sad Arse Strippa" or one of several hundred other spelling variants. Lady Sovereign would receive more traffic to her website if she was called "Lady Sovrin". How many of her fans do you think can actually spell her name? Kids these days have trouble spelling loud letters let alone silent ones. The next song to be released as a single by Lady Sovereign will be "9 To 5". It is a reworking of the Dolly Parton song used in the film of the same name. She gets all the ideas for her songs from watching the news headlines. Jetting around the world finding new homes for Brits may be a dream job, but it meant Jasmine had piled on the pounds.

The 5ft 9in presenter says her love for cheese, risotto and fine wine caught up with her and she tipped the scales at 11st 3oz. And although now toned, tanned and in great shape for summer, Jasmine reveals signing up for the Cancer Research Give Up Clothes for Good campaign was daunting. I don't know why I was so shocked. I was sweating and I felt sick. He sent everyone else out of the room which helped to overcome my nerves, but it was horrible.

She's the cover star of July's Weight Watcher magazine after using their diet advice to slim to 9st 12oz. Harjan her husband Jon Boast thought the celebrity shoot to encourage people to donate old clothes to charity was a bit cheeky. I'd told is him I was going to do it but when he saw the pictures, he said, 'but your whole bum is on display. He was like, 'no I don't want everyone else seeing your bum.

All they did, I think, was even out my skin tone with airbrushing. I thought I looked alright. I was quite amazed, actually.

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