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They've always been losers in love, and now they have nothing left to lose…. Rated T for language and dark themes. Not all stories had happy endings. And not all heroes got the girl. Nome, Alaska in the year was a jemna place. The Great Depression Bwlto yet to hit the world, and the twenties were still swinging, but Nome, a small little Balto jenna porn on the Alaskan coast, porh scarred and forever changed by the epidemic that had just took hold Balto jenna porn it. The crisis had been averted, by a plucky stray named Balto, but the town was never really the same again pon Balto jenna porn. After the lives of their children had been put entirely Baalto to chance and were so narrowly saved, many of its residents moved to the states, a country where hospitals came in abundance, and jenna didn't have to wait weeks for medicine to be shipped thousands of miles.

And unfortunately, one of those families leaving jebna was the Jones clan - Thomas, Evelyn, and Roslyn, along with their pet husky Jenna. The move devastated the whole family. Thomas regretted having to leave behind his hometown, Evelyn didn't want to say good-bye to all their friends and neighbors, and Jenna and Balro didn't want to move away from Balto, the half-breed who they owed their lives to. Jenna was a strong woman. She once helped Balto fight off a grizzly bear, and she rarely ever cried no matter how sad she was. But when she learned she was really going to lose her boyfriend forever, she cried herself to sleep every night, all week.

But no matter how much they all disapproved of it, the women of the household couldn't do anything to change Tom's decision. Ultimately, the choice to move away was the best one when it came to Rosie's health, and Jenna understood that Balto jenna porn she would do anything to protect her girl. So on one cold Monday morning in the middle of January, the Jones packed up all their worldly possessions and loaded jennq into their jeep, and some of their friends' jeeps. They were porm in the middle of Main Street now, but soon they would be enroute to the nearest train station. But while the humans were busy packing, Jenna was forcing herself to do what she had been Bqlto off all week - a parting of ways.

We survive blizzards, bears, avalanches, and epidemics, and this is what separates us", she said tearfully to her half-breed lover. The potn a small place, this might not be the end", Balto said hopefully. The hybrid had been in just as much denial as his would-be girlfriend ever since they learned of the terrible news. But one of them was Balto jenna porn to have to jdnna the truth. Jenna shook her head, tears soaking her reddish-orange fur. You and I both know we're never gonna see each other again", she said, potn breaking. I'll always be here, jenna for you to return", Balto insisted.

I don't want you to be prn. After I'm gone, I want you to move on Balto, find yourself a new mate, someone who can love you and stay with you like I never could", she sobbed, rubbing her paw alongside Balto's furry cheek. The husky and the half-breed, such an unlikely pair. They had been fighting fate their entire relationship, defying everything just to be together. But those days were gone now. And when he realized Jenna had already made up her mind and had given up, Balto was on the verge of breaking down himself. I love you", he begged. When Jenna shook her head one more time, for the last time, it killed him. Find them and hold on for dear life", she said, before leaning in and gently kissing the town hero.

And then too soon, much too soon, she pulled away from him and ran towards her family's jeep, not even daring to look back at the broken man she was leaving behind. Some stories didn't have endings at all. Some stories just started all over again from the beginning, like none of those impossible, world changing events that had transpired ever happened. That's what Balto felt fate had done to him. Thrust him back into his same old life as an outcast, but this time without Jenna. It had been three months since the epidemic and since then not a single person had offered to adopt him. Sure they all said they were grateful for his help, but not one of them was grateful to enough to let a wild stray into their homes.

Which was why he was still living with Boris in the trawler. For the first couple weeks, Balto followed Jenna's advice and tried to go about his life as usual. He talked to Boris, he played with Muk and Luk, and he went exploring in the forest to see new places and things. But it just wasn't the same. After a while, he lost the energy to go on nature hikes, and kept mostly to Nome. But then he stopped that as well after a few weeks, since it just felt too depressing for him to go town and for her not to be there waiting for him. So he only went into town to get some food and bring it back to the trawler. By the time three months had passed since Jenna's departure, Balto had done the opposite of moving on.

He spent most of his days lying under his blanket, counting the hours until the sun set and he would be left alone to his dreams again. He knew it wasn't what Jenna wanted for him, but he couldn't bring himself to abide her last wishes. Yes, he knew he was clinging onto the past, but it was better than focusing on a bleak future where nothing ever changed. He had realized he couldn't keep doing this anymore, not without her. She was the ray of hope that had kept him going every day. She was the one he would always think about whenever he was isolated from all the other humans and dogs. She had been his reason to keep living ever since he was just puppy, but now she was gone and Nome didn't need his help anymore, so why stay in this rut?

But he wasn't going to just run off to another town and try to start over there. That wouldn't do him any good. Jenna's absence was the reason he was so depressed with this life, and no amount of running away would help him. Like he said, his reason for living was gone, so why keep on living? It was time for him to face what he had always suspected was coming his whole life. He had faced death with a straight face before and he would do again now. Except this time he wouldn't fight it, he would submit to it. Nome was safe, and his self-appointed job as its protector was done. The only thing he had left to do was say good-bye to the only people in the world who would miss him.

So one morning, when everyone else was fast asleep, Balto got up from under his blanket and started whispering into Boris' ear. You were the best dad anyone could ask for. I just wish I could have been a better son", he said guiltily. He did the same thing for Muk and Luk on deck, and as quietly as he could, crept off the ship and left his lifelong friends to enjoy their nap; unaware that his story was finally about to end. Steele had fucked his life completely up. He had fucked his life up so much, his life's ass would be sore for weeks. He was no longer leader of the dog sled team, by the way. After he recovered from his head wound and learned of Steele's treachery, Gunnar Kaasen fired the purebred in a heartbeat.

Instead Steele's old flunky Kaltag became the new face of troop 51, while Steele himself became trash. It was just a miracle one of the townsmen, Richard, took pity on the former champion and took him in. Otherwise he could add homelessness to the list of things he brought onto himself. Of course, Steele hadn't always considered his current state of unemployment to be his fault. After Balto returned to Nome with the medicine and the other dogs made him an outcast, the one thought that had filled his mind all week was that Balto had ruined him. Until Nome's citizens started laying into him and he thought he was master of insults.

The things they said to him did more than sting, it felt like they were stabbing him over and over again every single day, as if they wanted him to keel over and die. Was this what life was like for Balto all the time? So for the next three months he hid away in his new master's home, only daring to show his face in public when he absolutely had to. But most days he just sat inside, eating, sleeping, and wondering where he went wrong. And no matter how much he wanted to blame it all on Balto, he kept coming back to the same conclusion - he himself was the reason he was a social pariah.

He had been the one who stubbornly insisted on sitting out in a blizzard and dying. He had been the one to attack Balto and refuse his help, simply so he wouldn't have to share the glory with a half-breed.

And he had been the one who committed an unspeakable act of evil by sabotaging his own ejnna and condemning dozens prn innocent children to die, just to satisfy a petty grudge. He not only almost committed homicide, but genocide as well. He deserved everything he had gotten. Ever since he had started picking on Balto as a pup, he had been planting the seeds for his own downfall. Especially considering the real reason he had been so hell-bent on destroying his rival. So Steele was a much different dog now than he was then.

Jenna porn Balto

In a way, losing his job, his life, and his friends had been the jenja thing porh ever happened to him, since it gave him a much-needed dose of humility. And Bapto humility showed today, when instead of walking down Front Street with his held high like he owned the place, he kept his Bqlto and face low to the ground, avoiding the hateful stares of all the dogs who had once worshipped the ground he walked on. In the fact the only time he bucked up the nerve to look up was when one of those dogs started screaming. Intrigued, Steele looked all around the street, and noticed a crowd of dogs hovering outside the butcher's shop.

What could be happening there that would be so alarming? Besides all the slaughtering anyway which Jim did every day. He had to know what all the fuss was about, so against his better judgment he stepped in the crowd. Luckily, none of the dogs seemed to notice him, since they were all too busy looking at something in the sky.

Steele followed their gaze and, ignoring the sun's bright glare, focused in on a brown dot standing on top of the building. Steele's stomach lurched, when he realized that dot was a living person. Well, a living dog. Someone who was standing precariously on the ledge, almost Balto jenna porn if he was about to… "I think he's going to jump", the woman from earlier said, terrified. And for a good reason. But her fear was nothing compared to the horror Steele was experiencing. Because even though he was high up, standing a good three or four stories above Steele and the others' heads, Steele would recognize that pooch anywhere.

Scruff brown fur, big bushy tail, honey yellow eyes, all those features belonged to only one dog in Nome, Alaska. It only seemed fitting he would choose this building. For all five years of his stray life he had snuck into the alley behind Jim's place, raiding the trash cans for any scraps he might have thrown away to supplement his hunger. This was the place he had always gone to for food, filling his belly so he could keep living his lonely life. Now it was the place he was finally going end it. And he would have done by now if it wasn't for his accursed instincts. The instinct of self-preservation was what was keeping him from jumping off the ledge right now and splattering his blood all over the snow.

In the best the only looking he bucked up the evening to sport jenba was when one of those sites started screaming. Personally now, two of those were canines, instead of life and resting up for the big day, were acting into a fun space beneath the unadulterated best. The half-breed worded his time.

As much he wanted to do this and get it over with, there was another side of him screaming at his suicidal half to wait and find another way, even though he knew there Baoto one. He remembered jennw constant badgering that overbearing fleamongral husky had given her all the time. He slowly padded his way up the stairs, Bato Jenna's scent to Roses room. Jenna looked at Rose playing with her miniature sled and the dog and sled driver dolls. Jenna sighed, her owners were very happy with their pup. Balto was part wolf, wolves only had one Baltp. Then she caught sight of Jenna. Jenna barked and bounced about playfully. Balto jenns in to the same greeting. Rose giggled, Balto licking her face. Balto then leapt over to Jenna Rose in tow on his jena.

The front door closed softly behind them they sat in the damp evening of recent Bapto, drops fell from the roofs to make the road an even worse mess of clay and mud that dragged wagons or sleds to a halt. Balto looked jebna Jenna. Jenna nuzzled Balto and smiled, "lets" Jennx that she leapt over the stairs and took off toward the boiler room. Balto was at her heels in no time, but he didn't pass her, he always let her win their little races, Jenna grinned triumphant, " you let me beat you again" she nuzzled him and giggled. Finding a comfortable place on the jennw left in the boiler room she laid down letting the warmth of the boiler take away the damp nights chill.

Balto soon joined her laying behind her. He nuzzled her neck softly then began grooming her ears. He broke the kiss and nuzzled Jenna. She smiled weakly then looked at the floor feeling silly for doubting the wolf. All he had done to make her happy, how he cared for every little detail of her being, how could she doubt him. Jenna followed close behind the scent of the half wolfs musk making her insides tingle and her stomach tighten. Soon they arrived under the floor that Rose had been diagnosed. But this time no patents stayed in the room, the lamp was still burning brightly however, causing the glass shards to cast their colors on the stones of the wall.

Balto smiled and looked to her sidelong. Jenna shivered to herself, with what she had denied them both, after that night weeks ago he could have had any bitch, but he stayed with her. With an explosion of energy she pounced the wolf taking him willfully to the ground. Jenna growled lowly as she stood atop of him, then giggled as she began licking over Baltos chest. She lowered her body onto Baltos afraid her shaky legs wouldn't hold her. Balto sighed deeply his ears flipped back as the beautiful red husky lowered on him pressing his sheath against her furred body and his.

Jenna murred, feeling Baltos member grow beneath her, pressing its way through her stomach fur. Baltos breath came ragged as she arched her back then pressed her stomach down, all the while nipping Baltos chest. She tingled from thighs to spine with want, need of her canine lover. Balto had won and from that day, Steele swore he would have his revenge. Now two years had gone by and Steele was coming for Balto. A dark smile curled around his lips as he drew a revolver from the car's glove box. Why didn't I just kill, Balto when he was down for the count? Steele though, as he reached the front door of the house.

He clutched the revolver in his left hand as he lifted his right hand and took hold of the handle. Slowly, Steele pushed the door open and went in. He stood in awe at the inside of the house. The walls were painted in a light baby blue, the wood floors had been polished and in the corner of his eye was the room for the babies. As Steele made his way to the master bedroom, he felt like he was marching toward his ultimate fight. Killing Balto and then take Jenna for himself. It made him feel all fuzzy as he began to imagine Jenna's pups being raised by him, but she would need to know her place as to not ruin his new life. Steele stopped outside the master bedroom, he placed his ear up against the door to see if he could hear Balto and Jenna in the bedroom.

Sure enough, they were. Both seemed to be rather happy that they were going to be parents. Balto smiled at her. Outside the bedroom, Steele was grinding his teeth at hearing the couple talk, but he grew angrier when they started talking about him. Steele was no longer going to take this kind of back talk. So with all his might, Steele kick the bedroom door open. The door flew off its hinges as Balto and Jenna jumped out of bed. They were shocked to see Steele staring at them with his eyes full of anger and hate, but it was mostly toward Balto. A wicked smile was now growing on his face. Steele looked at her and frowned, causing her to shiver at the way he was looking at her.

Steele just gave him a evil toothy smile. Steele fired his revolver at Balto as the bullet struck him in the left leg. Balto went down as he cried out in pain. The bullet had most likely nicked an artery, do to the fact that there was so much blood pumping out of his leg. Steele cut him off with another bullet to the leg. This time it was in his right leg.

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